Tuesday, January 5

Plethora of Pleather..........

Holy Cow Batman! Never has such an expansive gathering of petroleum based material been in one place at one time. Wheeeeeeee! Sorry Alison Franks. Woeful apologies in deflecting from her talent with these incongruous (cheesy) pairings.  More delicate buttons from her treasure trove. Yum.
                                                 Nice dessicated bologna neck. Dig it!

Let's get down with some faux leather, faux reptile (oh when the faux keeps marching on......).
                                     Trillion zippers on faux pockets. Wine hued.

           A given this black long sleeve beneath is a chemist's lab amalgamation of fake stuff. Black pleather biker jacket.

Stunning studs. 
Dig it.

                  Alert the media! I think my shoe boots are real leather! What a concept!