Monday, January 11

Tinker Tailor........

Have forever dreamed of indulging in a custom suit from Savile Row. Carefully selecting from decadent fabrics. Gorgeous wool. Imperial cottons. The little man (always, I conjure) with measuring tape encircling his neck, pin pillow on his wrist and possibly some betwixt his lips. This is my tribute to the toiling tailor. Surely brisk business still thrives. Embellished this vintage gem from discovered extra buttons always provided with clothing, should one go M.I.A. What instigated my madness were the two on card and the military esthetic black fabric. Such a miserable sewer, a laughable amount of upper lip condensation to conclude this mission. Yow!

Stately vintage blazer from Off Broadway. Formally owned by Rosalind Russell? Let's imagine so.

Perky chili hued skinnys and what appear to be Edward Scissorhands footwear. Wheeeeeee!
It's not everyday one references Rosalind Russell and Edward Scissorhands in the same paragragh. Rock on!