Sunday, January 24

HE'S THE MAN................

Will forever revere this handsome iconic rapper that met an untimely death. Perhaps we're not on the same page regarding rap, iconic station or even physiognomy. Vexed as to how this bluestocking could be smitten with a gentleman branded with THUG LIFE on his six pack? To each her incongruous own.....

My tee shirt of veneration.

Nifty baby blue hued cardigan with yellow polka dots from Anthropologie, circa online.

Indiscernable trousers. Wheeeee!

Brandished a jean jacket with this trio of vastly divergent esthetics. 
Retablo saint pin by Kevin Burgess. Hand painted illustration, copper accents. Intricate tin work.

Becky Dickens wee truck pin. Susan Skinner did the other charming piece..

You either embrace Tupac or no. Digith it yo.