Monday, September 29

Tea time..........

Marvel the tradition of high tea in Britain. I can imagine the tableau of me surrounded by fellow women dressed in fancy frocks. The tea service, thimble cups, cream or lemon, sugar, and the bountiful sweets!
It's downside is the time of day. Four or five o'clock. I'd effortlessly be up for twelve hours. Sans caffeine? Anathema! It's like non-alcholic beer or wine. Point being?

Bakelite buttons on linen by Alison Franks. Uncanny match to the hues in my skirt. What?????????

It's drastically inconceivable that you'll ever encounter me in such a co-ordinated ensemble.
I've had this magnificent jacket for 30 years. It's resplendently cut with buttons encompassing the jacket's peplum edge. My beloved padded shoulders. The magnificence continues on the back. Not very discernible is an ancient pin bought at Mati some 35 years ago. They carried some edgy pieces back then. Alas, days of yore. This has mock turtle wing on a circular woven disc.

This gossamer skirt is miraculously in tandem with said jacket and skirt. My devoted high tea ilk were so proud of me for not giving them the vapors with my usual outfits. Dig it!

Sunday, September 28

Don't Believe the Cleavage............

  This is all a photographic slight of hand. Anyone that has so much as glimpsed at me knows this to be an effusive untruth. I can't stress strongly enough that no one witnessed this shot, except Phil.
I bared my decolletage to boast my newest Kristin Diener acquisition. The complexity of this marvel leaves me speechlees. I haven't a stout enough vocabulary.  Miniature scissors on fabric, pearls, handmade chain, a thimble, one doesn't begin to encompass it's detail.

This is how the ensemble was actually presented. Full frontal coverage in my elbow length mock leather jacket flagged with an encrustation of pins.

I love this Kandinsky-esque frock in lively hues. Multiple gores further add to it's cleverness.

                               My triumphant Irregular Choice boots with seamed hose!

                                                      How much naughtier can one get?

                                              Bile is collecting in the back of my throat....................

Saturday, September 27

Pearl Jump Rope.........

Exaggeration? I think not. Had I roped it singly it would effortlessly skim my knees. Would make a very posh jump rope.

Hence the trillion wrapped choker. Dig it!

Soft grey sleeveless tee with sumptuous navy lace detail.

Maybe I should have checked my appearance before the pic. Would it have killed me to tuck my tee in? Geez! This polished cotton Leifsdottir circle skirt reminds me of snow.


I bet in could cinch those pearls around a few more times..........

Friday, September 26

Double decker circus tent............

Effusive departure from my usual skin tight attire, thought I'd shape shift into some shapeless frocks.

Light blue print cotton bearing zigzag lace wore over another voluminous sheer peach print.  Dual purpose, a car cover. Wheeeee!

Bejeweled in a Susan Skinner beaded necklace with eye encompassed in a heart. Other necklace is from Anthropologie.

              So delighted by this cleverly odd photo of my sparkly toed cranberry patent flats.

My dog Pymmie exclaims "when you're homeless mommie, you can live under these dresses". Dig it!


Wednesday, September 24

Ode to the Bandana...........

 What's not to love about the utilitarian fashion accessory, the ubiquitous, age old bandana? 

Embracing the tradition in these bandana motif tights from a source I'm embarrassed to divulge.

            Splendid knitted cotton tunic boasts a languidly rolled collar. Much admired piece.  

              Don your bandana, toil fiercely, rock out fiercely, work out fiercely. Hey, blow your nose!                                                                                                                 Wheeeeeeeee!

Tuesday, September 23

When in Romanov..............

Face it, no one trumped the Romanov's when it came to resplendence. The jewels, the intricacies of hand tailored attire. I've forever lusted their luxuriant opulence. Not so well received by their populace however.

I know no other jeweler that has the expanse of ingenuity and craftsmanship that illustrious Kristin Diener boasts. That's why I've sold my soul for my vast collection. Wheeeeeeee! Pin converted to pendant, this sterling, encrusted pearl and turquoise piece flaunts a middle-Eastern beauty. Can you fully embrace the detail? I hope so.

Intricately embroidered beadwork emblazons this sheer to midriff gauze tunic from Free People.

Tulle and pearl ballerina skirt with satin waistband.  Rob me blind. Leave this skirt.

Abjuring from featuring the shoes. Not befitting of the theme. Something satiny, brocadey, with fur accents would be more in keeping. You know, something sensible in which to walk through 40 foot snow drifts. Dig it!

Friday, September 19

The Dichotomy of Satin & Leatha...

Encompassed in this girlie dress of lime satin ( Uh, where are you going? To a coronation? ) I'm aware it's a modicum too dressy for the average day to day look. So I'm brilliantly "dressing it down", as the adage goes.

This bauble bearing a brace of fake pearls on fake silver, dig it!, is from Wear It or Relish or Relish or Wear It. Heavens knows which incarnation. Faux is as faux does.......

Let's toughen this tres femme look with some hard core studded leather. I can't wear it until later today but I am going out, so........

Adding a further macho edge are my black leather ankle boots. The spotted socks however, are a conundrum. I'm opting for the utilitarian excuse of keeping these boots from rubbing blisters into my bare ankles. I can be times.

Wednesday, September 17

More Super Cool Things........


                                                       A BLINK FROM AUTUMN

                                                                   DRIVING STICK


How I adored Cornelia. She was a delightful German woman that returned to her country to be with her daughter. I very much miss her. Aqua marine opera length necklace worn as choker. Most ardently adored.