Tuesday, September 23

When in Romanov..............

Face it, no one trumped the Romanov's when it came to resplendence. The jewels, the intricacies of hand tailored attire. I've forever lusted their luxuriant opulence. Not so well received by their populace however.

I know no other jeweler that has the expanse of ingenuity and craftsmanship that illustrious Kristin Diener boasts. That's why I've sold my soul for my vast collection. Wheeeeeeee! Pin converted to pendant, this sterling, encrusted pearl and turquoise piece flaunts a middle-Eastern beauty. Can you fully embrace the detail? I hope so.

Intricately embroidered beadwork emblazons this sheer to midriff gauze tunic from Free People.

Tulle and pearl ballerina skirt with satin waistband.  Rob me blind. Leave this skirt.

Abjuring from featuring the shoes. Not befitting of the theme. Something satiny, brocadey, with fur accents would be more in keeping. You know, something sensible in which to walk through 40 foot snow drifts. Dig it!