Monday, September 29

Tea time..........

Marvel the tradition of high tea in Britain. I can imagine the tableau of me surrounded by fellow women dressed in fancy frocks. The tea service, thimble cups, cream or lemon, sugar, and the bountiful sweets!
It's downside is the time of day. Four or five o'clock. I'd effortlessly be up for twelve hours. Sans caffeine? Anathema! It's like non-alcholic beer or wine. Point being?

Bakelite buttons on linen by Alison Franks. Uncanny match to the hues in my skirt. What?????????

It's drastically inconceivable that you'll ever encounter me in such a co-ordinated ensemble.
I've had this magnificent jacket for 30 years. It's resplendently cut with buttons encompassing the jacket's peplum edge. My beloved padded shoulders. The magnificence continues on the back. Not very discernible is an ancient pin bought at Mati some 35 years ago. They carried some edgy pieces back then. Alas, days of yore. This has mock turtle wing on a circular woven disc.

This gossamer skirt is miraculously in tandem with said jacket and skirt. My devoted high tea ilk were so proud of me for not giving them the vapors with my usual outfits. Dig it!