Sunday, September 28

Don't Believe the Cleavage............

  This is all a photographic slight of hand. Anyone that has so much as glimpsed at me knows this to be an effusive untruth. I can't stress strongly enough that no one witnessed this shot, except Phil.
I bared my decolletage to boast my newest Kristin Diener acquisition. The complexity of this marvel leaves me speechlees. I haven't a stout enough vocabulary.  Miniature scissors on fabric, pearls, handmade chain, a thimble, one doesn't begin to encompass it's detail.

This is how the ensemble was actually presented. Full frontal coverage in my elbow length mock leather jacket flagged with an encrustation of pins.

I love this Kandinsky-esque frock in lively hues. Multiple gores further add to it's cleverness.

                               My triumphant Irregular Choice boots with seamed hose!

                                                      How much naughtier can one get?

                                              Bile is collecting in the back of my throat....................