Tuesday, September 16

Underarms to Infinity...........

Fetching little frock was one of those,"buy one get you free". Hey, no kidding. The other's upper bodice is so impossible I can only wear it as a skirt. Dig it. Cool skirt none the less. It's very "Absolutely Fabulous".

I vastly digress. Focusing on the frock at hand. It's striped crepe with a modicum of pleats (mere billion) on the bodice. It had this ghastly bow on one shoulder under the collar. See ya later!

Here are the endless underarms. Queer feature. Quite.

Endless underarms, exhibit B. Well, I'm digging it regardless, and hey, what's not to love about a two for one sale? Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Let me aid you in a bit of dress reconstruction..............