Wednesday, September 10

Silver and Gold Tuesday..........

How I miss Karan Sipe's ingenious fabrications out of repurposed jewels. It's a given I have a brace of them. The two I'm modeling today are sublime, elaborate designs. From where she's accrued all of this bounty is a conundrum to me.

Talk about something from the days of yore, my best guess as to where this came from is Celebro that used to be wear the stranger Factory is now. If not from there, I'm clueless.
Shimmery black and silver skirt. Brings to mind a Baroque brocade. Fancy is a s fancy does. Dig it!

Brace yourself for these gifted ( not as in precocious ) shoes. What the? In truth they are amazingly comfortable and I can still walk the walk. Wheeeeeeeeeee!

            After witnessing these atrocities, I think a bit of shock therapy is in order. Wheeeeeeee!