Monday, January 30

Bullfighter Monday.........

I don't condone animal cruelty of any kind in the least but I love bullfighters costumes, of course! So conservative, muted and understated.

Astonishing vintage jacket with dropped mini spheres detail.

Full jacket in all it's glory.

  Here's my kind of dress, it's got about a thousand patterns going on PLUS sequins!
Don't forget to hug your bull today!

Sunday, January 29

Faux Coco..........

Coco Chanel is my favorite designer, brilliant from the onset. And the brilliance continues. My take on a Chanel look, uber fem.My necklace slipped!

Perfect match hue wise, sale Anthropologie necklace in peach enamel.

Terra Plana fabric and leather pumps that lace up the leg. Coco was decades ahead of her time. I love her look truly, madly deeply!

Saturday, January 28

Copy Cat............

I sighted a gentleman in the most dashing attire. Ice blue shirt, black tie and a black blazer with white pin stripes. I was so filled with lust and envy I had to create my own rendition.

Nude and black striped blouse and repurposed necklace by Karan Sipe.

Black and white pin striped pants and fantastic Mary Jane pumps by Guess, an Xmas present from my friend Millie. IMITATION IS THE SINCEREST FORM OF FLATTERY.

Friday, January 27

Royalty From the Waist Up, Mattress Ticking From the Waist Down

Feeling a tad imperial in these two combined necklaces, coin pearls by Debra Colonna, mini pearl cluster pendent by Kara Sipe.
Regal treatment on the neckline of this elaborate jersey top. My precious regular bracelets.
Pink and white pinstripes on these grey trousers from Victorias Secret, should you be familiar with my upper half you'd know the only thing I can buy from there are PANTS! Mega-fierce plats in mattress ticking fabric by Jeffrey Campbell. Kiss my ring today!

Thursday, January 26

It's Not Easy Being Dark Green...........

Smitten about this dark green military like jacket with one lengthy lapel. 

Clever back detail. Bitchin.

Chose some ferociously good antique jewelry for this ensemble. 

This skirt appears blue in this pic but it's really dark satin scalloped overlay. So beautiful!

Floral hose and gorgeous Cole Haan boots. Leather in the front, patent in the back.
Don't forget to hug a dark green Kermit today!

Wednesday, January 25

Wear Your Cheetah Proudly Wednesday......

I spoke of accruing a mass of new clothes over Xmas, dear friend Millie gifted me this svelte cheetah
 v-neck. Coupled with this black high waisted pencil skirt, I'm donning a conservative look as our accountant came to do our books today. I didn't want to freak him out TOO badly.

Loving this lava necklace by Laurette O'Neil that I felt compelled to purchase, I feel compelled a lot!

Sporting some very witchy pumps today, witchy with a touch of S&M. Dig it!

Sunday, January 22

Nice Wind We're Having............

Out of doors the wind is strong enough to blow the spots off my sweater, and bracing.
BRRRRRRRRR! V-neck sweater, lace black cami and black and grey color blocked skirt from Ideeli.

Unusual necklace by Daniel Zolinsky, ebony wood, carved bone window and rough tourmalines 
encased inside.

Purple and pink on black checked hose and Carlos kitten heel faux croc pumps.My suggestion, hang on to your toupees!

Saturday, January 21

Have a Peasant Saturday...........

Channeling my inner gypsy I've donned this vibrant Johnny 
Was blouse with ruched waist.  Tres delightful.

Gypsies LOVE adornment as do I. Triple wrapped silver necklace from George, Debra Colonna sterling pearls, and doubled Juli Cardozo.

Wedges by Harlot, hey, don't read anything into that, skinny jeans, gotta go,  my caravan is double parked!

Friday, January 20

Sunny, Shiny Friday...........

Traded for this choker at Revolver, looks like something Sid Vicious would wear.

Roberta Lee Originals vintage jacket from Off Broadway, polka dot lace top from Free People. This jacket is superb!And an Original!

Grey and black lace pencil skirt, grey opaques and fierce yellow patent platforms from Type Z. Enjoy this magnificent weather, it's finite!

Thursday, January 19

You Zig I Zag.........

This dress reminds me of the San Andreas fault, all shattered and jiggy, like me.

Boasting an array of black Karan Sipe's I feel complete.

Never underestimate a pair of fishnets to raise the temp, and SO retro.
Fishnets have stood the test of time. Type Z cheetah suede shoes. Watch your step today, there might be an earthquake!

Wednesday, January 18

Demure Jewelry Wednesday.........

Brandishing this mega Kristin Diener that I lust after but it costs approximately as much as the Blue Book value of my car. Does it keep me from contemplating it's purchase? Heavens no!
Persian motif on this jersey tunic over grey trousers.
What else can I say?

Mammothly wide legged trousers with faux python boots.  Bigger is better today obviously........

Monday, January 16

Circus Tent Redux............

George's collage of this assemblage.

Lovely dress I'm wearing as a top, such a wondrous piece, something to be marveled.(I look like both arms have been amputated.) 

Newly acquired 3 dimensional leaf with enclosed stone by Tana Acton.
Entire outfit captured on stairs, you'll see that the detail is a ankle length skirt beneath dress.

Unlikely mix but I find it palatable, skirt brings to mind old Spanish lace.
Unlisted suede platform pumps with knotted toe detail. Circuses are cruel but dressing like one is cool.

Sunday, January 15

Strictly Business Sunday.........

My interpretation of a powerful business man, sans cigar and Wall Street Journal.
Ross french cuffed silk shirt I'v had a decade at least, pin striped royal blue heavy cotton vest with lapels,I LOVE vests with lapels. Skinny glen plaid trousers.

Detail of Susan Skinner's divine watch fob-esque pins 
 donning two antique buttons.

Ancient petroleum based ankle boots with square heel. Obviously I have a different take on how the average business man dresses.
I'm invested in my version.

Saturday, January 14

Medieval Merges with Modern Saturday.........

Never take a pair of righteous pearls for granted. They can sharpen your look considerably.

Pairing this medieval print dress under a Boden mint and chocolate 
spot knit vest. Colors mesh but the look, doubtful very doubtful.

Gotta say these bronze Type Z boots save the day. Better luck tomorrow..........

Friday, January 13

Donning the O-Positive Frock........

Fetching Karan Sipes, the top one from Jen. Such a posh pairing.
Blood red dress, love the shoulder detail, it keeps this dress from being a total yawn.

Floral opaque hose and red boots from the previous millennium.
Give blood early and often.