Wednesday, July 27

Get Your Flying Squirrel On.........

Exhumed this article from the depths. Appeal was decidedly "on the fence." Aware of the proverb "if you haven't worn it in a year it's time to go." Hell, I haven't even laid eyes on this thing for a minimum of three! Dig it! Jaws of life get quite the workout attempting to separate the surfeit inventory. Was it sympathy or actual lingering attachment that compelled me to brandish?  Cognizant of my penchant for the parade float, it being thrown to the wolves is in a temporary holding pattern. Mayhaps it's the mocha and rose hue alchemy. Hmmmmmmm. Being 185 degrees out bodes well in turn. Then add the frost bite potential of my highly functioning air conditioning that makes it a bone chilling 184 degrees in here and it lives to see another day. Dig it!



ALL I NEED IS A MANN. I didn't conjuer that cheesy adage, it's a marketing plug for Thomas Mann's jewelry. Word on the street is he's a total ass. When bad egos happen to good artists. Notice I'm still wearing said jerk wear. What a devil's advocate!

Eyes bleeding from my ludicrous pants? Undoubtedly. Ouch! Incredulous they were a billionth off regular price? I think that would be a negetive. Evident other circus freaks must have gotten wind of the bargain. Wheeeeee!

                   Let's navigate a hefty breeze and glean some more obnoxious attire! Righteous!

Monday, July 25

Get In Line..........

Amusing how I struggle to endear myself to a piece of clothing but it rarely fails to exit the inventory. Administering the jaws of life I pried this narcoleptic episode inducing snore from the closet.

Creepy duo of hue and texture. Dig it! Sign me up! It does have a modicum of spunk in it's brass exposed zipper. Uh, actually, banality has made that little trick a flat liner as well......... Wheeeeee! Bring it on!

A trillion pins to the rescue!!! Housing a stock of a quintillion make it a breeze. A plethora, a gaggle, a spate, an exultation, boatload, herd, et al. Mariposa gems with gifted and a vintage purchase or two. Vertical line up? Once a clown,  always a clown. Note: No one would refute this opinion. Righteous!


Frock in it's vapid entirety. Let's throw a ridiculous stance on the barbi! Rock on!

Salutations Russia and Germany. Radical!

Wednesday, July 20

Pepto Dismal............

Ever one to embrace the philosophy of "more is more", this surfeit explosion of pink is proof positive of my staunch support. When OCD is the driving force of your life (obviously) it's granted I have no ability to cleave the impetuous.

Online purchase from a venue with a heinous return policy, it's updraft being cheapness is as cheapness does. Solid score in this diaphanous, sleeveless, boasting embroidery. And yet more embroidery. Dig it!

Hot pink skinnies with turned up cuffs. My new de rigueur. Wheeeee!

Other current obsession is donning pointy kitten heels with said. You betcha!

What's a get up sans "Sipe-ster?" Frightfully dire!

Nice bologna skin............


Tuesday, July 19

It's me! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

July 5th, I think. Often have declaimed the rapidity of my morning routine, allocating no room for error.
This pesky ensemble had a duo of annoying (in the extreme) little hurdles. Toss, with much velocity, this cheetah sleeveless, underpinnings, the toga-esque skirt. Dash to complete the final phase. Mirror documents the horror of insufficient razoring of razor element beneath my top! Ripping it off overhead somehow entirely derails the toga number. Apres top correction, I attempt to re-don the skirt. That thing had turned into a flaccid Rubik's cube! Seriously triggered angst prompted me to consider another dash to the closet. Finally resolved the labyrinth. Removal of said nightmare was like disrobing plutonium. It will be laundered on the clip hanger. Jeez!

Cheesy shoe boots lend a savvy touch.

Less A.D.D. and more time allotment would prodigiously quash the propensity for such 
calamities! Dig it!

Wheeeeeeeeee! It's me!

Date of when I donned this ensemble? June 26th! My remiss has rocketed to a whole new stratosphere!
I need to digress and admit to how much I cherish novels where the author uses exclamation points to end nearly every sentence! Case in point; "Bonfire of the Vanities" by Thomas Wolfe and "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair. I'm going to pepper every post with said in future!

Not provident to start as excessive an absence with such an underwhelming ensemble.(!) Satin and enigmatic something, frock does boast a modicum of cleverness in collar. Hues are palatable. Does it occur to everyone I have this same dress in identical incarnations? Hmmmmmmm.............

Defibrillating to avert a head banging narcoleptic episode are these frisky tights and much adored shoe boots. Sat a rather cumbersome box on the toe of one foot for a rather extensive time. It permanently dented my beloved. Now one looks like a horse hoove. Fashion travesty number quintillion and one.(!)

Friday, July 8


Plethora of delectables is this array. First unveiling of that pesky slip! Perfect hue, augmenting the prevailing motif. Groovy fit all around.

Nice lobster legs. Nice psycho dog. 

Jewels make this ensemble. Karan never ceases to please and the antique pin is, well, I think it was Marie Antoinette's. 

Aubergine slip, how ribald, pick up purple accents in Karan's beauty and pin's faceted purple drops, (most certainly real amethysts.)  How clever am I?

Going to rock that cotillion. Dig it!

Saturday, July 2

Velvet? 100 degrees? You betcha!

Double happiness. Exhumed this slip out of my closet. Hanger made me hypothesize it was a long forgotten dress. Initially rebirthed it modestly as it's intentional purpose. Then rethought the gem. Shape shift to dress! Unfortunately, the top was a smidge diaphanous. so what, right? Wheeeeee!

Coruscating black sequined shoulders. Fem floral velvet. Hook and eye detail. Awwwwww.

There's only so much cropping I can render on the photos. Nice boiled shrimp hands. Nice bandaid.

Truth be told, the rest of it, in keeping with it's true nature, is also gossamer. Quick fix! Tan and black tights! Simian that I am, I make some improvident fashion decisions. Am I right? I think that would be a positive.

Endearing (trust me) faux snake skin flats. 
Next look, my bralette worn outside of my shirt. Right on!