Wednesday, July 27

Get Your Flying Squirrel On.........

Exhumed this article from the depths. Appeal was decidedly "on the fence." Aware of the proverb "if you haven't worn it in a year it's time to go." Hell, I haven't even laid eyes on this thing for a minimum of three! Dig it! Jaws of life get quite the workout attempting to separate the surfeit inventory. Was it sympathy or actual lingering attachment that compelled me to brandish?  Cognizant of my penchant for the parade float, it being thrown to the wolves is in a temporary holding pattern. Mayhaps it's the mocha and rose hue alchemy. Hmmmmmmm. Being 185 degrees out bodes well in turn. Then add the frost bite potential of my highly functioning air conditioning that makes it a bone chilling 184 degrees in here and it lives to see another day. Dig it!



ALL I NEED IS A MANN. I didn't conjuer that cheesy adage, it's a marketing plug for Thomas Mann's jewelry. Word on the street is he's a total ass. When bad egos happen to good artists. Notice I'm still wearing said jerk wear. What a devil's advocate!

Eyes bleeding from my ludicrous pants? Undoubtedly. Ouch! Incredulous they were a billionth off regular price? I think that would be a negetive. Evident other circus freaks must have gotten wind of the bargain. Wheeeeee!

                   Let's navigate a hefty breeze and glean some more obnoxious attire! Righteous!