Tuesday, August 9

Observe the Poodle's Hairdo............

My propensity for aimlessly going awry in the focus department is in it's element, re: the title of this post. It has absolutely no relevance what so ever! Dig it! I just think those two words absurd in the extreme, hence I make strides to use them helter skelter for no reason. Now let's get on with it. When last I posted, decades ago, I boasted another of my favorite words, squirrel. Love encompasses the furry little rabies toting vermin, I can't help myself. What the hell am I blathering on about??????

Pursuing an organic approach in the bijouterie, notice I'll never use bl*ng, I abhor that word. I digress, Wanda Lobito tooth, (I think, and not Wanda's.) Fish below however, plastics-ville. Pursuing but not accomplishing obviously.

Cougar draped, what a concept! over cranberry cotton cami. Yet more animal print of some ilk in these polished cotton trousers. Apprised you of the rolled up cuff and kitten heel fixation. Nice stupid pose. Dig it!

Jesus, where does my chaise end and pumps begin? Notice I'm supine with much frequency? Wheeeeee!

Rock on!!!!!!!!