Monday, August 22

What Is This Stuff?

Addressing the hem on this petroleum based gem is a motif of monolithic curiousity. What the hell? Can you discern? Vexed as I? Initially I ran with some shipwreck in progress on an angry ocean. Thought that an odd concept for a dress design....... Secondly, primordial sea bottom. In truth, it's probably caused by the fabric getting seized up in the printer. They said, let's move on, for the amount we're charging for this thing there's no way we're doing a reprint......Dig it!

Cappuccino and black dots, a might distressed.

Cascading trifecta bijouterie. Sand hued, carved Asian pendent, above another carved Asian pendent, coffee in color. Like the stimulating beverage descriptions? Yeah baby! Bottom, a glorious domed cloisonne disc in dark rust. Not caffeinated alas. And busted on the ole "i before e except after c"

This looks like my back. Righteous!

Buff "Smurf" boots in perforated suede. Heel strap. These things are pretty lame, on sale lame.......

Nice stupid socks........