Friday, September 30

Gangster of Love......

Channeling Bonnie Parker in this pin stripe vest, you know what a fashionista she was. Gonna do a little rolling in the hay before going BANKING! Butterfly pin by Holly Ambrose.
Crazy photo belt out of patent, some of the images are ladies legs, vintage women, and lots of copy.

Beautiful herringbone trousers by Alice and Olivia,
Fierce tapestry plats to hold hostages on the floor at the bank!Dig it!

Thursday, September 29

Shaking from iced coffee with 8 Splendas.........

I've had this Susan Skinner necklace forever, it boasts antique charms and buttons.

How magnificent is this cuff? Look how it matches my top perfectly. Ruched tee by I don't know who, I can't see the label from here. I know you think I can spin my head all the way around 
like Satan's spawn but I really can't!
Crazy plaid denim jeans with cuffs by 7 for all mankind. I'm proud to be so co-ordinated today with tee, cuff and these kick ass gold shoes from Type Z.But I'm still shakin'!!

Sunday, September 25

Skunk Redux.......

Odd that this dress is made by a company called "Plenty" when there's so little of it. I love it anyway, so there's that.
Got this Susan Skinner necklace at a trunk sale, it's very different than anything else we've ever had of hers.
BCBG cowgirl boots with studs and open toes. Can't walk 16 miles in THESE puppies........

Saturday, September 24

Frills and Faux Barracudas.........

Tee shirt with pearl clusters worn with a blue embellished Kristin Diener necklace. Tres lovely.
Frilly light chambray crisscross blouse and Twenty8Twelve skinny jeans. This blouse feels like a slinky slip.

Faux barracuda pumps that are so pointy you could skewer a Vienna sausage on the end of them. You KNOW you want to!

Friday, September 23

My Belt Is Older Than Jen.........

I've had this belt that wraps and has a hook and eye on the side at least 34 years. Calvin Klein.
There used to be this high end boutique in Coronado where I used to get in ALOT of trouble. Dress by London Times.
Look how wide this belt is in the back, reminds me of the Three Musketeers! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

Brass and sterling choker by Deedra Jarrell, no shoes today, you've seen this pair a thousand times. 
B O R I N G !!!!!!!

Thursday, September 22

Black is the new blah, blah, blah..........

Love the neckline on this Nicole Miller dress with ruched sides. Didn't feel like a necklace was necessary 
Gail Golden hammered earrings with garnets. Are those sideburns?!?

Clunky, chunky pantent leather shoes with big circular buckles. I kinda look like I'm going to a funeral, in a trampy sort of way.........

Wednesday, September 21

Seeking Guru, Must Adore Fashion.......

I don't know much about Eastern religion but isn't this the kind of outfits gurus wear? All elaborately sewn kaftans and bare feet? Now this guru has his work cut out for him getting me to meditate, I'm type A big time. This dress is super comfy and beautifully  embellished.

Luscious back detail.

Shoes by Harlot, don't read anything into that! Namaste, 
W H A T E V E R !!!!!!!!

Monday, September 19

Lima Bean..................

How fetching is this  two toned lima bean hued silk dress from Ideeli? Cool drape action on the shoulder.

The draping and two color detail continues on the back, SO pretty.

Today's jewels are a chain, triple wrapped, a gift from Georgie and the tasseled necklace
is by Karan Sipe.

Killa Marc Jacob plats in olive with gold studs. I  love to cuddle up with a bowlful of lima beans, don't you?

Sunday, September 18

Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, the Boys Are Marching...........

FINALLY a reprieve from dressing tamely. This slutty little number is from Ideeli.

Lava necklace by Laurette O'Neil, God I love this piece.

These woven grey leather sandals have grey faceted glass in the heels.
Will I ever behave? Not likely.............

Saturday, September 17

Oh My Stars!!!!!!!

Dressing kind of tame today as I'm having dinner with my 84 year old friend tonight, although she LOVES it when I dress all slutty! Light blue smocked cotton sweater, one necklace made by Jen, the other by Karan Sipe.
Shear navy skirt with light blue stars by Diane Von Furstenberg, kind of dreamlike.

Light blue shoes by Terra Plana, I love the way they lace up the leg. I hope I don't disappoint my friend with my conservative outfit!

Friday, September 16


Behind Kyle Zimmerman's photo I'm wearing a fantastic Diane Von Furstenberg empire waistline dress. Jen and I had a serious meeting this morning and I wanted to look sophisticated, not too trampy. Besides I love this dress, it also has a drooped back imitating the front.
These are two sets of brown pearls I special ordered from Debra Colonna, they're beautiful together, I love the pear shaped ones, they are my newest acquisition. Bad girl!

Again, Type Z does it handsomely in these suede spotted lace up kicks. Will we seal the deal on the donation? We'll see...........

Thursday, September 15


Rock-n-rolla is one of my favorite Guy Ritchie movies. It's hysterical, as are most of his old ones.
Silk striped bibbed cami by Marc Jacobs. Layered Kristin Deiner necklaces.
Short sleeved leather jacket and vintage pin and earrings I'm wearing as little pins, gift from a very good friend of mine.

Plastic Vivianne Westwoods in florescent purple,these three strap Mary Janes kick ass. Hope you've had a great morning!

Wednesday, September 14


The grey jean jacket with little zippers is covering up "the specimen".............

I don't know if they were going for an animal print here but it reminds me of bacteria in a petri dish!
 I DO like the fact that the back duplicates the front.

My "go to" shoes, ribbed wedges with open toes by Aldo.
Wash your hands early and often!

Tuesday, September 13

Inquiry on Jessica Simpson shoes..........

As to the inquiry into the shoes I was wearing in "Something's Bugging Me" they were Jessica Simpson's .The info on the box says.........JS-Moccao, Prlzd Sand, Pearlized Sheep. They are from Zappos, free shipping, free returns! WHEEEEEEEEEE!

Sunday, September 11

Magical Mystery Dress...........

I love the way this dress feels, like a nightgown. It's a strange manmade fabric, I'm certain, but I adore it anyway. And it's good if the weather goes from 60 to 90!

Just got these pearls out of hock, the brown ones she made especially for me but when the other strand hit the gallery I had to put them on layaway too. Such a bad girl!!!!!
Now these shoe boots by Irregular Choice are possibly the strangest footwear I own. Aren't
they the grooviest? Love the gold bows at the back. Now,who's ready for an acid trip?

Saturday, September 10

Get Your Autumnal Groove On..........

This weather Kicks Ass! This jumble of colorful stones and beads are the colorful element of this rig.
Aren't you glad I'm showing less barbecued skin these days? Grey knit jumper and this striped tee from Ross I've had for about a thousand years.

Faux zebra skin go-go boots from the UK. I'm ready for this weather to stick around! Dig it!

Friday, September 9

Waning Moon...............

This blouse has an aura of mystery about it, kind of celestial, kind of planetary. It's sheer with kimono like panels on the front.
 I think the fabric looks like waning moons.

Check out this necklace, WOW! It's by Renate Suhr and the black bezeled parts are LEATHER!

Black leggings inside pleather stiletto boots with square toes. I LOVE these boots even though they are plastic. Only plastic cows were killed to make them..........