Sunday, March 31

Easter Smeester....................

Not the religious type myself, I do have fond memories of Easter from my childhood though. All "material", of course.............. Easter candy, Easter egg hunting, NEW EASTER OUTFIT. My mother actually sent me checks at Easter time even when I was in my thirties, probably did go out an score a new outfit with it.

Smashingly sweet necklace from Anthropologie with plastic flower mounted on filagreed pendant, mother-of-pearl accents, little dangling ladybug.

Voluminous much? Looks like a car cover, hey, I love this smock! Peach and creme brocade top beneath.

My ensemble pales by comparison to Pym's mammoth satin bow regalia!

Saturday, March 30


Peculiar combination of embroidery and copper in this one-of-a-kind pendant by Lorena Angulo. Richard Campiglio squashed Navajo pearls. Pretty and spring-like.

Gossamer cropped top over black camisole. Pattern strikes me as vintage, kind of Bette Davis.
Dipped back.

Vintage chevron silk skirt with knife pleats, part of a suit. Has a sensational jacket.

Tan suede shoe boots with fierce heel. They make me about 6'1" March madness, wheeeeeeeeeee!

Friday, March 29

Barracuda Friday................

Am taking ebullient pleasure in this surfeit of perfect weather. Exceptional temperature and NO WIND!!!!!

Today's jewels brought to you by faves Marcia Sednek (pin) and Karan Sipe (pendant). Pearly is as pearly does.

I know, I'm forever saying everything's my favorite this or favorite that but I really DO fancy this diaphanous nylon top with old fashioned collar.  Erratic pleating and swathing are kind of a Leiffsdotter trademark. Leiffsdotter mini, pre-recession........

Faux barracuda uber pointy kitten heeled pumps. I could impale someone with the tip of my shoe. Wheeeeeee!

                    Those shoes don't scare ME lady..................

Thursday, March 28

Frank Gehry Thursday.............

I'm certain to have abundant company in "Frank Gehry is my favorite architect" club.
So provocative, sensuous and flowing.

I like to flatter myself by thinking my dress resembles a Gehry building with it's cascading panels. Lace dot top from Free People beneath. 

I LOVE exposed zippers.

Pearl encrusted pocket conjures up a feminine element.

Steve Madden t-straps make this ensemble nauseatingly pulled together. Who AM I????????

You're nauseatingly pulled together....................

Wednesday, March 27

Josephine Bonaparte's Empire in Spring...........

Heady empress of Europe, Josephine's influence on the look of feminine fashion was a force to be reckoned with,  EVERYONE followed her lead.

 Sheer silk empire waisted frock from Bluefly, pre-recession.

               Cast pendant by Kris Mills on cheap pearl choker.

       Shimmery sphere earrings on sale from Anthropologie.

 Imperial velveteen flats encrusted with gems. How I love running the show!

I wouldn't suggest trying to tell ME what to do........

Tuesday, March 26

Bloomsbury Biker...........

The Bloomsbury Group, comprised of influential writers and artists that resided together in Bloomsbury, London in the early 1900's.  Famous among them are Virginia Woolf,
E.M. Forster, and V. Sackville -West.  Progressive thinkers and artists they staged a united movement that stressed the importance of the arts. When recalling the Bloomsbury Movement I always think of their grand textiles.

This jumper's very Bloomsbury-esque. Gored jersey over pink lace top.

Wanda Lobito "Frida" sacred heart pendant on Richard Cruz squashed Navajo pearls.

Cropped pleather biker with spiked capped shoulders dilutes this slightly saccharine ensemble.

Striped hose and ruby hued leather open toed pumps by Zinc. Wish I was sipping tea with Virginia Woolf! 

Monday, March 25

Haute Homeless...............

I scored this nifty hot pink sweater coat for a dollar at the St. John's Thrift Store at 14th and Central. It's actually a good thrift store as it gleans most of it's bounty from the Country Club sect. Still, this "thing" does have a funky quality, the texture perhaps........... part dryer lint, part Troll doll hair.

               Ideeli jersey dress in black and emerald chain link pattern. Hot pink leather belt.

Yet another quirky mammoth pin by Santa Fe artist Hollie Ambrose. Giant AND crazy, just what I look for in a piece of jewelry.

Striking faux croc pointy kitten heeled pump by Carlos. Sublime hue. Pretty high steppin' for a homeless gal! Dig it!

           Your sweater scares me, homeless lady.................

Sunday, March 24

Sting Like a Bee...........

Vibrantly cheerful Lotteria necklace by Wanda Lobito gleefully compliments this silly smock.

Gauzy smock quite the "bee's knees",  I must conceed. Clever, billowy, vintage inspired,it makes me quite mirthful. Quite.

Picturing a demure little tap shoe or ballet flat to compliment? I think not.............Spiked lace up bikers are on the menu. Must always keep you guessing, yes, I must...............