Wednesday, February 26

In the Navy..........

Dousing myself in navy, I must confess, I feel wholly harmonized today. W h a t ?  Who'd of thought me capable right? Well, miracles do happen.

           Fetching antique bar pins and necklace made by Jen. Incomparably replete.

Micro dots on navy blazer I scored at Buffalo Exchange. I'm royalty over there, you know. I kid you not. All the designer threads used to be mine. Broke is as broke does.

Clever polka dot skirt by Leifsdottir, a Scandinavian design company. Smart schemes.

                Lycra criss crossed bodice top emotes a Tahitian woodblock energy. I say it does!

                             Don't mess with her when she says "Tahitian woodblock"!!!!

Tuesday, February 25

Viva Petroleum!!!!!!!!!

Crazed about wearing clothing that looks like I ripped out my car seat and created a garment. Dig it!
Man, it has belt loops, needs a seat belt through them. Something spilled? No problem, hose me down. Black perforated skirt with side pockets and blue center strip. Exposed zipper.

Sheer striped blouse with rolled up buttoned sleeves. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Blue and black opaque hose from Free Radicals. Seismic waves? Lie detector results? My nerves? Worn with striking patent shoes, criss-crossed arch and sizable buckle. A round of applause for plastic! Wheeeeeeeeee!

Know Your ABC's...........

Hey, always need that little jingle about the ABC's like I need the one about which months have 30 or 31 days. This jumper boasts a jumble of  letters. Cool font.

Let's get some red and black going on. This is actually a dress underneath the jumper. Double duty.

Yet another pair of Free Radical opaque hose.  My ancient pointy toed witch shoes. Grow up? No can do.

Sunday, February 23

Back with a vengeance.............

I held out with the sabbatical from black and white for as long as I could. It was rough goin'. This smart combo justifies the come back. Top bearing a modicum of dot action on the pocket. Less is more............. allegedly............

Designer chose to make it all happen on the back. Love the surprise factor. Dig it!

Hell, let's get some more dots up in here. Diane Von Furstenberg  pencil skirt, from Neiman Marcus,
boy, those were the days! Wheeeeeeee!

Wednesday, February 19

Foofy, girlie, pretty, date night

Have a hot date with one of my artist's and wanted to look smart for her (you know, clothes, what else?)  Delicate labradorite necklace, melds the ensemble together. I try....... Eek, scary skin.

This icy, mauvey, silvery, lacy top meets my feminine standard for this get up. 

Oh, the skirt, I covet this skirt. I'll wear it until I break a hip. And then I'll wear it to rehab.

Barracuda pumps with favorite silver floral hose.

Does a ballerina outfit radiate a business tone? Of course not. What up? It's me!

Break Time's Over........

I restraint has dissolved, the sabbatical over. Onward and upward with new found gusto for black and white (actually off white). This painted on garb in lycra knit, is vexingly playful.

Profusion of black neck action going on. Baby charms on leather, oxidized silver tubing with silver spheres or three medallions boasting gold granulation.  Dig it!

Irregular Choice reptile Mary Janes with what appears to be a broken heel. It's fine though. Not to worry.  A little secret, I have another black & white ensemble I saved in the archives. Oh please.........

Monday, February 17

Mirror, Mirror Monday............

These appear to be mirrors but they are silver paint, alas. Couldn't say"Silver Paint, Silver Paint Monday" could I? Well.............

                                              Embroidered sleeve says something stupid..........

A million little mirrors? Na, just studs. I think a million little bits of mirrors would be kind of uncomfortable to sit upon.

                                                  It's not easy being these green flats.

Spiked heart necklace brought to you by Richard Campiglio. It's called "Heart full of eros" Ahhhhhhhhhh.

Lavender is the new lavender....

Ah, what a rapturous dream to wander through lavender fields in France.

Well this sweater isn't France, and a milk toast lavender at that, but look how demure. Boasting odd white enameled buttons (actually, the enamel fell out of one, I painted it in with white out), detailed ribbed collar and little velvet bows on the pockets.

Charming viole rose skirt in lavender. I'm so girlie today I can't bear it!

I own two Vivianne Westwood pieces. These magnificent petroleum based Mary Jane's and a very dashing linen coat. These are opalescent purple. Dig it!

So fond of this jeweler we used to carry. So happy I bought a boat load of it! She used vintage photos in almost all of her jewelry. Wouldn't you love to know the history of those individuals?

Wouldn't we love it if you were history??????

Saturday, February 15

Yesterdays Valentine's Rig.............

Hey, so I didn't accomplish the same day posting of said outfit. I was selling, wrapping, running, bow making on the fly. It was intense. My delinquent ensemble goes as follows.

 Cunning Julie Cardozo fine silver, opened petaled necklace with red wrapping on black leather. Dig it!

My frock boasts sultry lace cutouts on red wool crepe. Kinda short so was sound enough of mind to boast these dotted tights. ( Black and white slowly sneaks back.)  Ubiquitous red faux croc kittens heels.

                                                    Lacey back exudes romantic nuance, no?


Friday, February 14

Hey, kinda Valentiney............

Covet this intricate pendant by Wanda Lobito featuring the Virgin Mary (?) on alluring delicate lace.
Pendant on small Navajo pearls by Richard Campiglio, fetching coupling. that a bra??????

Perhaps a shadowy pink, it's tres romantic none the less. Latticed sleeves on lycra dress.

Matchy, matchy hose (ZZZZZ) and little pewter ballet flats.
Won't you be my Valentine?


Wednesday, February 12

I Heart You.......

 Valentine's Day is imminent, grasp your wallet and go buy something! Wheeeeeeee! I was attempting to wear something exuding the love vibe for sales sake but so far have only got it together this once. Dig it!
Cherish this dyslexic "Love" sweater. Now if this doesn't scream the occasion I give up.

                         Little racy red mini...... Excuse me, how old am I?   Do I care?   I think not.

                                     Plaid wool lace up plats. By days end, tough love.

                                                                          Pain is good.


Hey, look who's back (I'm feeling the cringing out there ), first of all, we changed the whole gallery around so I had to wear ugly outfits, which greatly saddened me. Then I wore a couple of really good outfits but never had them documented. I'm going to have to repeat them. What????!!!!!

Let's acknowledge duel subjects that bring this post's title. First, this ancient top is smothered in protruding thick cotton follicles. Dig it! Trio of cro magnon-esque finery. Could that be a saber tooth? Perhaps a saber tooth denture.

Subject B of my feline get-up is the ubiquitous animal print! What's with animal prints and old ladies?
And why won't animal prints die? They just go on and on..........

 Now these killer shoe boots are worth the aggravation of more deplorable wild life exploitation.

Wasn't it so great when she was M.I.A.?