Friday, May 24

Post script

Here are two outfits I wore in the last couple of days that I was too lazy to post and I'm too lazy to write about now also. Not fair to Phil though.....



I hated wasting Phil's photos, now it's REALLY good bye.

Thursday, May 23

A Fond Farewell

I am discontinuing my crazy blog. It was created to help someone through a tough time and now that person has adjusted to a new life. Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for following!

Tuesday, May 21


Antique pin ebulliently complimentary to this fem frock. I adore pins but usually don't have time in the morning to get them on straight. Could take 30 seconds that I can't spare. 

    Voile dotted inset in shoulder area , the rest stretch jersey.

Gold braided "I Dream of Jeanie" slings(?). I don't even know what these things are called. Have encrusted gold petaled flowers with pink fake jewels inside. VERY BOCA!

Monday, May 20

If Only It Were Missoni...........

 A generational design team, an Italian family, the Missoni's have a distinct delectable signature.

Even in the days of yore I couldn't touch an original.

Accentuating with a gaggle of Navajo pearls, some silver chains, a great tentacle necklace by Susan Skinner.

                            A passing mimic of the real thing. Dig it!

Sandals! What a concept! Black and turquoise floral wedges.  One VERY scary ankle there!

Sell your car and buy a REAL Missoni, oh, yeah, that car  looks like a demolition vehicle. Never mind......

Sunday, May 19

Midnight Shot Through With Moonlight.............

         Something celestial about this sartorial mix today. Ethereal if you may.
Seeing stars? Just elaborate beading on a tunic from Free People.

                           Among my most treasured skirts. Voile with stitched peacock feathers.

              Faceted ruby and sterling belt bequeathed to me from Carla.              Dig it!

Regret that these are fairly forgettable shoes but am not bearing biker boots, so there's that.........

                            Out in the stratospheres, VERY apt........,

Saturday, May 18

Studly, satin, Saturday

Simply put, the perfect clime. Overcast, gentle breeze, not too hot. Will make for a Saturday well spent.
Precisely the gauche look I was going for with this vibrant satin halter dress, "more is more" repurposed necklace by Karan Sipe.

I'm aware it's hard to picture me in something so feminine. And you can't even see the TULLE underskirt!  Hey, satin's kind of warm............

Fear not, it's all hard core from the knees down. Black leather boots blazoned with silver and brass studs. Dig it! You know I wouldn't let you down regarding the dichotomy of my ensembles !
                                I choose to declare this woman insane.

Thursday, May 16

THAT Better Not be LACE...............

What's that behind that priceless creation by Kris Mills? Gotta give some leniency. Let's just call it crochet, shall we?

 Know you're incredulous that I wore a camisole under this 4" top. Does mean I'm becoming more conservative? I think not, trust me.............

   Cherry patterned darling skirt with various odd pleats going on. ALMOST knee length......did I hit my head? What the ?????????????

Type Z red marbleized pumps with chubby heels. OF COURSE I have them in three colors.

Employee Pymmie got the pink slip yesterday. She was a very bad girl and will not be returning.Little incontinence problemo.

Wednesday, May 15

Enough with the Lace Already!

Forever one that doesn't know when to quit, I've assembled a blinding array of lace upon lace, upon lace..........
Delectable crocheted lace jacket from Anthropologie. Wicked lovely.

          Need another Peplum lesson? Didn't think so. Top from Ideeli.

                Oh boy, here comes some more. Lace jeans from Ideeli. Going for Baroque here.(Sorry, missed the mark............)

Dreamy Mad Men-esque black suede pumps with cinched buckle. You've forbeared  all the lace, you can throw up now.

Tuesday, May 14

The peplum in history...........

Actually designed long ago in Ancient Greece, both men and women wore them. They were of wool and loosely draped over an otherwise boring tunic. They made a big time resurgence in the 40's and have popped up through the ages ever since.
Linen peplum blouse and animal print mini.

Glorious sacred heart pin/pendant by Wanda Lobito. Features the famous Frida Kahlo painting of two self's holding hands.
Navy patent flats. Too boring to document.

REALLY BORING............

Monday, May 13


     Gianni loved pattern, grandeur, and lots of exposed skin.


My poor excuse for an imitation, hey, I'm trying. This polyester multiple patterned frock with round exposed opening and little tie. Aw......................
                                                     Seriously dreamy comfy.

  Laurette O'Neil oxidized sterling and gold granulation necklace.                    Dig it!

                     These yellow patent leather flats suck. Can I say more? I think not.............

             Watch me do her a big favor and lunch those shoes.

Word to your Mutha............

I was SO spoiled yesterday. My 6 Chihuahuas served me breakfast in bed. A tall black iced coffee with 8 Splendas. Dig it! After some more pageantry it's off to work.
Brandishing globs of gold (Vermeil) necklaces the sheen it emotes lightens up you parlor in a complimentary way.

 LITTLE silk shift. Clever pattern, cool hues.

Marbleized gold pumps with chunky rounded heel. Type Z's, great brand.

Don't buy into her crap, she's like Mother Dearest........