Monday, August 31

Big Top Pee Wee...........

Ardent passion for Pee Wee, his ingenious show and movies. I even have a Pee Wee doll that speaks some of his renowned adages. (Let's forgo his little pervert problem).

Grape hued capacious, diaphanous, tunic spouting pleats.........basically everywhere.

Lycra "groovin in the 60's"tights.

Dull is as dull does in these, um, shoes made for a nurse working a 175 hour shift. I had retail remorse, (me?) after arriving at work, and looking downward.

Remain agape of every Phoenix Forrester piece I possess. I even own a watch face concho belt of her making. Below a striking, nostalgic, pin.

Pee Wee rocks, this pin rocks, this tunic rocks. Dig it!

Sunday, August 30

Snoop Dogg, Punxsutawney Phil and Eddie Munster.........

My voracious penchant for the ridiculous propelled me to reminisce about a trio of my faves. Who can suppress a need to rekindle their passion for these icons. I certainly can't contain myself.

My apologies that they are not in the correct order but I think you are capable of discerning.

Let's get down to business here, shall we?
This frock is going to leave you speechless.......Tina Turner? Star Trek? Gladiator? Aged Punkster?
Deeply contrite for another blazonly age inappropriate gown, but, I love this thing!!!!

 Snoop Dogg, Punxatuney and Eddie Munster were the vastly rewarding aspect of this post. Dig it!

Saturday, August 29

Staggering, Black and White.........

The imposition of highlighting further "absence of color and the purest color" lend still more narcoleptic ambiance. I confessed my incongruous plethora of lacy bounty (huh?) but black and white conquers and rules with an iron fist. Modicum cleverness in this garment of petroleum based material. Dig it! Riveted belt. Sassy split above my dimpled knees. I profess I conjure lipo. Mint flats mimic neck glamour.

Doubled strand of opera length aqua marines. Pearl and repurposed jewels in cunning staggered Karan Sipe.

What should I parade tomorrow? I'm vexed. May haps something of Dillard's equivalent black and white selection. Wheeeeee!

Friday, August 28

My Googolplexian LBD.........

Explained previously, googolplexian is the largest number. 1 followed by 300 zeros or the equivalent of my American Express balance. Hence this number to define the glut of my little black dress inventory.
Emoting vast, comely, daintiness of thin, open-weave wool frock.

Gray slip for modesty's sake (what?) and my first Kristin Diener. A dichotomy of vivacious sobriety.

Retro-esques black leather sandal with curious (annoying) flat buttons.
Oh, well.............

                                   Bulk of body amputated, the frog arms were ghastly.

I segue to an pestering issue fearfully departing from the relevance of this post. Do you know what vexes me? 
The i before e except after c is at times incorrect, i.e. weird. So there we have it.


Incredulously, not only did I gain this ebulliently lacy tunic, they didn't charge me twice! What a concept! Moderately more staid than the retina raking blazing pink, it nearly soothes. I'm synching it in the back. Lamentably, the sizes are all over the place. Dig it! Post script: the crow is not adhered to my arm.

Royal hued skinnies, and lest we forget, royal cami! Ain't misbehavin'.

Effusive and effusively mine. Kick ass Karan Sipe. Hey, I can use florid patois when I want. We're all adults, correct?


Remiss City............

Tardy is as tardy does in the apparel documentation department. I will allocate time to engineer some fashion action. Meanwhile, here's Wilkie in a very ribald pose.
Rock on!

Wednesday, August 26

You're Lovin" What I'm Lovin"...........

                                        DOGGIES SEEKING RHINOPLASTY ..................

                                     EASTER, WELL, IT'S NEXT YEAR, SO WHAT?!




Tuesday, August 25

Intentional Shoulder Exposure, I Swear!

Haven't boasted this Renate Surh necklace for eons. Delicate sterling, handmade chain oxidized and non.


Not a repeat of the upended barstool, the structure of the frock is intentionally orchestrated to be off kilter. Really. Pity you can not discern it's architecture. It's sublime. Belt needs to be a bit wider? Agreed?

Wee bit of slip exposure, what a concept that I'm donning one! I shared it's presence intentionally.
Rock on! Top it off with some red faux croc kittens heels. Let's revisit that bar! Wheeeeee!

Sunday, August 23

So Matchy Matchy....

Unquestionably I rival a circus performer in character and dress. How in keeping with my borderline personality. Dig it!

                   Doyenne Dorothy Lorentzen made this mod sterling silver hoop choker, circa 2003.
She was zestful her 95+ years. I ardently enjoyed our political discourses. Shared our rabid Democratic fervor.

Vastly dissimilar is the following tunic and pencil skirt, i.e. lets get a little more going on here! Dig it!

Purple satin and olive green amalgamate this duo. Electrifyingly appeal, (to me).

Color alchemy soars to ever new heights by donning this clay and red striped pencil skirt. Hey look! I wear purple strapped pumps that I was going to donate as their stupidity knew no bounds. I exhumed them once more, they remain in the inventory, by a hair..........

Aspirin please. Please.

Saturday, August 22

National Bracelet Appreciation Day...........

Still relatively obscure, but gaining momentum, is this reverent holiday to applaud the bracelet, wrist regalia millenniums old. It's impoverished dearth of fans presently is most likely due to the fact that I just made it up! Wheeeeeee!

Not one to do anything by halves, this plethora needs individual documentation. Observe........

Bracelet Top: Long owned gift from Beeps featuring various breeds of doggies.
               Two: Sushi-esques linked prize from a very clever gallery that was on Canyon Road. Alas,
               Three: Antique watch faces by Phoenix Forrester.
               Four: Glittery button bracelet by Lori Kirsch.
               Five: Thomas Mann a.k.a. the "Techno Romantic".
               Six: Debra Colonna coffee hued linked.
               Seven: Copper hued button bracelet by Lori Kirsch.
                                                          What? That's it?

Balance of the ensemble underwhelming if not for this profound luxury by Kris Mills. Can I boast sufficiently? I think not.
Carved turquoise leaves, daguerreotype of woman, elaborate silver filagree. From our D.O.D. show last year. Yeah, she's dead, I'll warrant.

Lace abounds in this cream and latte hued tunic. Ruffled side detail and double skirt.

Fear not, I am sporting raspberry tights, though barely discernible. Redux of fuchsia plats.

          Get on board "National Bracelet Appreciation Day".  Let's push for a 3 day weekend. Rock on!


Flintstone Tuesday..............

Compelled to coast by Bedrock upon occasion to check in on old neighbors. Isn't named Bedrock for nothing.

Had to brandish a fitting frock to be in sync. Diaphanous fabric. Wrapped bust line, vacant the bust.
Disconcerted? I think not.........

Debra Colonna deep coffe hued pearl necklaces x two.

Wilma Flintstone gave me this belt, uh, about a million years ago. Rock on!

Note: This is the back.

Ensemble replete with animal print fabric kitten heels, days of yore. Wear It.

Always great to kick back and feast on pit grilled Brontosaurus. Wheeeee!

Thursday, August 20

Billowy Black and White Monday...........

Parted with a bit of plasma and procured this little item from a new online sight. Bingo! Light petroleum based fabric effortlessly floats about. Ample aspect makes it a vivid cloud.  Paleozoic fuchsia plats.

It took me a moment to figure out this was not a front detail. It's the back! Attempting to laude black lace inset.

Sipe in deuces, red cloisonne-esques beads, pale floral ambrosia.

More garments? More body parts to glean. Wheeeeee!