Friday, August 28

My Googolplexian LBD.........

Explained previously, googolplexian is the largest number. 1 followed by 300 zeros or the equivalent of my American Express balance. Hence this number to define the glut of my little black dress inventory.
Emoting vast, comely, daintiness of thin, open-weave wool frock.

Gray slip for modesty's sake (what?) and my first Kristin Diener. A dichotomy of vivacious sobriety.

Retro-esques black leather sandal with curious (annoying) flat buttons.
Oh, well.............

                                   Bulk of body amputated, the frog arms were ghastly.

I segue to an pestering issue fearfully departing from the relevance of this post. Do you know what vexes me? 
The i before e except after c is at times incorrect, i.e. weird. So there we have it.