Sunday, August 30

Snoop Dogg, Punxsutawney Phil and Eddie Munster.........

My voracious penchant for the ridiculous propelled me to reminisce about a trio of my faves. Who can suppress a need to rekindle their passion for these icons. I certainly can't contain myself.

My apologies that they are not in the correct order but I think you are capable of discerning.

Let's get down to business here, shall we?
This frock is going to leave you speechless.......Tina Turner? Star Trek? Gladiator? Aged Punkster?
Deeply contrite for another blazonly age inappropriate gown, but, I love this thing!!!!

 Snoop Dogg, Punxatuney and Eddie Munster were the vastly rewarding aspect of this post. Dig it!