Saturday, August 22

National Bracelet Appreciation Day...........

Still relatively obscure, but gaining momentum, is this reverent holiday to applaud the bracelet, wrist regalia millenniums old. It's impoverished dearth of fans presently is most likely due to the fact that I just made it up! Wheeeeeee!

Not one to do anything by halves, this plethora needs individual documentation. Observe........

Bracelet Top: Long owned gift from Beeps featuring various breeds of doggies.
               Two: Sushi-esques linked prize from a very clever gallery that was on Canyon Road. Alas,
               Three: Antique watch faces by Phoenix Forrester.
               Four: Glittery button bracelet by Lori Kirsch.
               Five: Thomas Mann a.k.a. the "Techno Romantic".
               Six: Debra Colonna coffee hued linked.
               Seven: Copper hued button bracelet by Lori Kirsch.
                                                          What? That's it?

Balance of the ensemble underwhelming if not for this profound luxury by Kris Mills. Can I boast sufficiently? I think not.
Carved turquoise leaves, daguerreotype of woman, elaborate silver filagree. From our D.O.D. show last year. Yeah, she's dead, I'll warrant.

Lace abounds in this cream and latte hued tunic. Ruffled side detail and double skirt.

Fear not, I am sporting raspberry tights, though barely discernible. Redux of fuchsia plats.

          Get on board "National Bracelet Appreciation Day".  Let's push for a 3 day weekend. Rock on!