Sunday, August 23

So Matchy Matchy....

Unquestionably I rival a circus performer in character and dress. How in keeping with my borderline personality. Dig it!

                   Doyenne Dorothy Lorentzen made this mod sterling silver hoop choker, circa 2003.
She was zestful her 95+ years. I ardently enjoyed our political discourses. Shared our rabid Democratic fervor.

Vastly dissimilar is the following tunic and pencil skirt, i.e. lets get a little more going on here! Dig it!

Purple satin and olive green amalgamate this duo. Electrifyingly appeal, (to me).

Color alchemy soars to ever new heights by donning this clay and red striped pencil skirt. Hey look! I wear purple strapped pumps that I was going to donate as their stupidity knew no bounds. I exhumed them once more, they remain in the inventory, by a hair..........

Aspirin please. Please.