Sunday, February 26

Oh, This Old Thing.............

My faux Leger has made several guest appearances over the blog's lifetime.
I love this dress and it's strange color spectrum.
This flowing checked jacket is the perfect wrap. Has great detail.
Back view with navy cotton ruffle and dropped elastic waist.
                                                                      Dig it!          
Let's get behind this hose and shoe combo. I think it's the perfect jolt for a repeat dress. Floral hose and teal kitten healed faux crocs.
What's an ensemble without jewels. Killa silver and bronze earrings by Dennis Garcia. Now you know I DO repeat the same things more than once annually!

Saturday, February 25

Different Grey Trousers Saturday........

Not a lot happening with todays rig, ancient Danskin that's older than Jen. Two wool pins that look like clown buttons. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Dig these high waisted wool jersey trousers I got from Fay, they make my ass look huge though.
Super wide legs. They're probably from the 70's which is considered VINTAGE now. Give me a break!
Dot socks and men's shoes, sorry to bore you today. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

Friday, February 24

Tres Conservative Friday............

Splendid Off Broadway sweater with gorgeous embroidery, couple of buttons missing but do I care? I think not.

The back equally magnificent. How much work went into THIS piece?


Paisley cotton pencil skirt in a blazing array of colors, purple, mint, red, yellow and fuschia . Dig it!Purple plaid hose(they're in the same color family at least.)
Blazing kicks by Irregular Choice in pink and green with gold mesh bows. How conservative can one woman get??????

Thursday, February 23


Plethora of jewels today, Michael Kors pimp watch, Alexander McQueen bracelet, Tarina Tarantino skellie bracelet on left arm. Taxco bracelet from George, mini elegant silver bracelet from Jen and Tracy Hale sterling woven bracelet on right arm. Forget not the stacked pearls by Debra Colonna.

Jane Goodall would be smitten with my coffee and cream safari jacket. Dig it!

You'd adore this tweed and silk pleated skirt from Anthroplogie in blue, green and shredded brown.

Can't don such a staid ensemble without funking it up a tad. Faux  armadillo ankle boots with floral and dot hose. Hope I don't get rolled wearing all this jewelry!

Wednesday, February 22

Morning Coffee Wednesday..........

Crushed aluminum earring by Carol Ware dresses up my ear while listening to my best friend's 
pithy conversation.
Old Marcia Sednek pin, gosh her work is dreamy.
Always like to look good when sharing coffee with my friend, dizzying outfit of Free People polka dot
lace tee, striped Urban Outfitters jacket inside J. Crew felted wool dot jacket. Black and white plaid skinnys with lots of zippers. 

Ancient pointy faux men's shoes. Can't wait until next week's coffee date!

Tuesday, February 21

Killa Trousers Tuesday..........

It's not everyday I can say I have something Chanel, short of my perfume this is the only addition.
Repurposed vintage Chanel beads on watch fobs by Eleanore MacNish.

Believe it or don't this is a VEGAN jacket so should I ever tire of it I can eat it. Borrowed coin pearls by Debra Colonna.

Detail of paper bag waisted, sailor buttoned wool trousers FROM Debra Colonna for Xmas, herringbone from Anthropologie.

Gifted vintage sweater with pearl and gold bead applique.

Love the legs on these trousers!
I regale these hand me down gold leather pumps made in Spain. I love trouser Tuesday! 

Monday, February 20

One Dalmatian in a Neiman Marcus Jacket...........

Cruella Deville is based on moi I firmly believe. Those dogs were adorable, but even I thought they were a tad too plentiful. I think one of those babies is enough, aren't they a bit crazy anyway?

Jewels today are Laurette O'Neil's 5 strand oxidized and silver bead necklace and Picasso like pin.

Sporting a jacket to a suit I got from there, the skirt looks a bit school teacher-esque. Hence I'm not wearing it........

Dalmatian skirt by J. Crew, with cami.

Seamed nylons retro style and ankle boots. Don't forget to pet your dog today! That's an order!

Sunday, February 19

Orange You Glad It's Sunday?

There isn't a lot of orange jewelry out there but I managed to find this MAJOR sacred heart by Ivey Bowes and this carnelian and fire opal necklace by Amanda Augustine.

Ancient brocade jacket from Wear It, silver cuff a gift from George.

Hound on hound here. Does it EVER stop?

And so goes another weird Sunday outfit. Do you ever doubt me? Probably not............

Saturday, February 18

Marie Antoinette Casual Saturday.............

What you can't discern from this photo is that she's wearing skinny jeans.
A cascading cadenza of jewels, jewels, jewels. Opera length Betsey Johnson necklace an Xmas gift from George.
Other necklace by Karan Sipe, several vintage pins. Let's not ignore this peach double breasted cotton jacket with zip pockets.

Back detail, zipper on shoulders and buckled cinched waist.

Marie's jeans say she's taking a day off from running France.
Her denim and gold platforms by Betsey Johnson keep her a head above the common folk. Speaking of her head............

Friday, February 17


What a score this draped lapel jacket was from Tres Boutique, on sale for $25.00!
Beautiful felted wool.I look like the invisible woman, might be better that way!

Relish this little Phoenix Forrester necklace with vintage photo of a couple under glass and tea cup dangle. Blue bead and sterling bee make this piece a keeper.

Neiman Marcus silk blouse in grey, red and black. And welcome to the block party in this color blocked pencil skirt in the same hues.

Nothing like a pair of faux croc red kitten heels to get your Friday off to a roaring start. Have fun today!

Thursday, February 16

Invest In Gold............

Jen gifted be this fantastic Alexander McQueen bracelet for my birthday. I wear it every day because somehow it goes with everything. Pardon my bologna hand.

Yet another splendid gift, this one from Off Broadway. The only styles with this much care to detail these days is haute couture.

Coupled with this peach brocade skirt I feel like royalty YET AGAIN! I wonder how my outfit would fare on the stock market?