Monday, April 29

Fauxing the Versace..........

Gianni Versace, you either loved him or you hated him. His style was high voltage color, skin tight clothes, ribald ads. Personally I dug it, of course.

In keeping with his gaudy look, this brace of stuff necklace, cheepsville,from a place that used to be across the street. Dig it!

Observe my faux Versace dress, mimics his collection a bit I think................

I'll tell you what's NOT Versace-esque, these stupid yellow patent leather flats with a couple of straps and two buttons. Forced to wear them as we're moving work around this week to get ready for Friday night.

Did we REALLY need a close up of these ugly ass things? Well Phil took a pic of them so I thought best that I use it. EWWWWWWWWWWWW.


Sunday, April 28

Betsey Johnson Sunday............

Just acquired this splendid Betsey Johnson necklace. A shame it doesn't have enough going on. Someone once told me I reminded them of Betsey Johnson, I think they meant 90 years old and still dressing like a teenager. Whatever..........

Striking this odd pose because I wanted to try and distract you from the fact that this top looks like I slept on a park bench last night. This thing wrinkles if look at it. Abstract dots on this pencil skirt by J. Crew.

Kick ass Michael Kors sandals with lucite middle. Mysteriously comfy,
                      hows THAT work?

Own up to the fact that you DID sleep on a park bench last night.

Saturday, April 27

What A Tramp..............

Relish this delectable cascading chain necklace. A gift                    from a good friend.
Cacophony of fantastic bracelets. Various Mariposa artists, Taxco, and a piece of junk.
Funny, lots of people like the piece of junk the best. Great..........

DARING jersey t-shirt with very clever details.Draped sleeves, continuing into angular seams down
the bodice. What bodice you say. Nice navel.......

Lovely layered, soft pleated skirt in putty. Side panels and back are plain jersey.

Metallic flats (what?) with bows. HUH?

What did you say this woman does for a living?

Friday, April 26

Thursday and Friday..........

A high voltage (revolting?) pink lace dress beneath my "Kandinsky" dress. Let's see how many dresses I can wear at the same time! Kandinsky one, adore it, the print, low bodice and multiple gores. Yummy.....

Be still my repurposed hearts, all four of them by Karan Sipe.

Ever the dainty biker, these studded numbers really make me feel up to the task of kicking some ass should circumstances avail themselves. Dig it!

Just try me...........

Above this dizzying print are I've amassed a butch bunch of chains a pit bull might don. Cool horse shoe pendant by Susan Skinner.

Love the schizophrenic element to this designer's work. Gee, wonder why we connect?????

Off Broadway vintage gingham knife pleated skirt, can you believe I was actually going to try to wear the top part without anything beneath it ???? You can't grasp how short it is in the back ( OF COURSE  you can). Such a tramp.

Lovely little fem kicks by Poetic License, red bows, how sweet.
I detest red bows!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 22

Grey & Black = Throbbing Headache...........

Grey and black.
Can't get enough of it can you? Oh contraire ............ Well, anyway here's a crepe tunic with houndstooth top and solid black bottom. Skirt is knit and seamed, black and grey Norwegian(?) design.(Like I'd know.)

Charming back detail.

I kinda hate these shoes but what the hell.
Not crazy about that big black disk on the top. Online purchase, did I return them? I think not.

Let me at those ugly ass shoes.........

Sunday, April 21

I LOVE EARTH DAY!!!!!!!!!!

I love Earth Day because I'm surprised we even HAVE an earth anymore. We're wearing the hell out of this planet. It's pretty hardy evidently.

Not exactly the macrame usually associated with Earth Day but it's Eastern Indian vibe might procure me a booth back there as a snake charmer.

Lovely Mother of Pearl necklace by Susan Skinner, is in keeping with my tunic from Free People.

Crimson lace pencil skirt. Crimson much?????

                 Oh wait, there's MORE! Jesus, move on already........

       Earth Day? When's it going to be Happy Chihuahua Day?????

Saturday, April 20

Spotty Alibi............

Dot, dot, dot is the theme of the day. I can't wear this dress without something cloaking the top because the neckline and sleeveless arms look like a tiger worked them over. Love the kidney and hot pink hued crepe dress so much I can't part with it. Mint and brown dotted wool vest by Boden, (UK).

                                                                    ( Richard Parker)

Great sterling silver pin I'm borrowing from the gallery, antique buttons are round, hence dots.

OF COURSE I have boots with studs on them that look like dots. Don't hate me because I'm matchy today.

                                                         I HATE HER.............................

Friday, April 19

Is It Thursday Or Friday? Only a Snarling Chihuahua Knows for Sure!

Beyond belief that I actually wore a jacket today. 24 below, go sleeveless, by all means! Cranberry leather biker jacket.

Beyond belief that I didn't wear this sans skirt. I mean it's KIND OF long enough to be a dress, in MY world that is. Mustard hued sweater with smart ruffled panel down the front.

Red cinnabar necklace a gift from Jen. The peach embroidered piece I got from Mariposa about a thousand years ago.

Can't partake of how dashing this mint knit skirt is by Nic and Zoe. Observe that this sweater COULD have been a dress. See? Told ya.

Check out these fetching little red boots. Double buckled, comfy and warm. What????????

                                       No gloves though..........Dig it!!!!

Thursday, April 18

Certainly wish it was windier!!!!!!!!!

Hang on to your hair today folks, and I mean your REAL hair  What with the wind chill factor, what is it, like 40? Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

Doesn't EVERYONE wear pins from their neck to their crotch? I do, it helps me connect with my inner clown.

Lacy polka dot top from Free People, this off white and black dress needed a little punch, hence the 85 Marcia Sednek pins. Dig it!

Always a pleasure to don biker boots, SO feminine and girlie.
Don't know how they're gonna fly when it's 100 degrees out but you know how I'll suffer for fashion.......

Yeah, suffer!