Sunday, September 30

Nice Scratch Sunday..........

Distracting from this Asian themed repurposed piece of Karan Sipe's with pearl and pink quartz is this nasty scratch I received from my over exuberant Chihuahua attempting to give me a hug. Ouch man!

Adore this graceful flowing tunic, soft as down. Waist cinched with ancient red belt.

Red and salmon hued jersey pencil skirt. I kind of have to walk like Morticia Addams in it. Wheeeeeeeeee!

She rocks!

Friday, September 28

Pink and black and white and stripes and dots..........

This truly outstanding piece of art jewelry is a carved ebony box with mastodon ivory bone window encasing pink and green  tourmalines by Daniel Zolinsky.
Big pink posey with sequins bearing and a pair of women's legs, hot pink shoes; says Paris too. Dig it!

Diane Von Furstenberg black and white pencil skirt, ahhh those were the (Bloomingdales)

I covet these hot pink plats by Type Z, This whole rig makes me feel zippy!

Thursday, September 27

60's Grooviness Thursday...........

Ahhhhh, those crazy vibrant 60's.

Dig it!

Satin op-art shift by Muse. Very amusing.

These kicks are great but VERY SQEEKY, it's embarrassing how much noise they make when I walk.
Where's my go-go cage?  I'm ready!

Wednesday, September 26

Smell the Roses........

Smart and fetching necklace by Karan Sipe, rhinestones, religious metals, pearls, well, it's very pretty, trust me.

Roses, roses, and you guessed it, more roses. Various sized ones on this sheer cotton top. Millions of them on this mauve tulle skirt. Too much? Who cares!

Marvy suede pumps with gobs of jeweled adornment on rather lethal toes. Oh, guess what, you'll never believe it but there is a little rose on them too. S T O P!!!!!!!

Monday, September 24

Fierce Shoes Monday...........

I didn't really care for the rest of my ensemble today but love these monster stompers by Steve Madden.
Dig it! Wedge, straps galore, zippers up the front and platform action. Bugs better watch their backs today!
P/S nice major vein in my ankle too.

Saturday, September 22

The Queen Mum O.D.'s On Scones............

Sometimes the Queen gets a bit carried away when out touring and waving. She likes to have her imperial look on at all times. Shell pin by Hollie Ambrose. Repurposed necklace by Karan Sipe.

              Off white Anthropolgie jacket with lace and knife pleat detail.  Royal coolness.
This uber lacy skirt is from Encore, a used clothing store in Santa Fe. People love to check out the detail while coursteying.

These adorable pumps by 9 West boast a lacy attitude. All that waving makes her wrist hurt and also brings on a healthy appetite. Nothing like pounding back about 18 scones to cure the tummy rumbles. Wheeeeeeeee!

Friday, September 21

Grecian Formula..............

This little dark iris hued RUCHED (for Christ's sake)shift looks like 3000 other things I own but this is actually the first time I've donned it. Marvy detail in the neckline.The back is totally ruched down the center but who needs a picture of my ass?

Have got to wear this while the clime permits, even though I'm a pessimist about the weather getting cooler, isn't fall like, tomorrow? Whatever.....give me some grapes already.

Wednesday, September 19

Lace Much????????

Exquisite citrine and pearl necklace, a delectable mate to this uber frilly ensemble.

Went to an event in Santa Fe yesterday but had to do a scrap of shopping beforehand. Bought this frock on sale at Bodi Bazarre. Gee, I wonder why it was on sale? Perhaps it's because it's made of mosquito netting! Wearing this lace blouse beneath, how proper of me.............

Continuing with the lace overdose are these shoe boots with pink lace and side buttons. I do adore these shoes. Should I be donning a lace mantilla?

Monday, September 17

Gilt ty................

Matching my gilt dirndl skirt is this brass necklace with charms by Susan Skinner. 

Can't really discern this cowl neck sleeveless boucle top but I bought it at Ross for $7.00 about 15 years ago. Dig it!

Smashing gilt skirt by Tibi. I love, love, love it. Quite the treasure, it better was quite expensive also.

Close up, see how beautiful?

Ass kickin' wedges a gift from Elaine, fabric bottoms and tres clever strap treatment on top.
Think this skirt is worth anything on the current gold market?

Sunday, September 16

Pin Stripes and Stars.............


                              Cunning piece by Karan Sipe, an array of antique gems abound.

The detail in this pin striped Marc Jacobs silk cami is bountifully clever. 

Double layered voile skirt by Diane Von Furstenberg. Black with pale blue stars. Satin button front. Both of these are Bloomingdale's pieces bought long ago. My Bloomingdale's card has cobwebs on it now. Poor (literally) me.

Righteous royal leather wedges with faceted studs by Frye. Thanks to global warming I'll be bare naked until November. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Friday, September 14

What Gives Here??????????

Gotta love how Jackie's head fits over my body as I was going to say this jacket looks like something she'd wear. Kind of retro and conservative.
Frolicsome J. Crew Tee with sparse sequin accents.

Ruched Tulle that looks like a casket interior.

See? Tulle flowers made around wrapped wire. Black exposed zipper.

Fantastic shoe boots by Irregular Choice with tulle bows on the back. Ready for a Friday night prowl.

Thursday, September 13

Kidney Thursday..........

Nothing like a tumble of choke chains to punk up a feminine look. Dig it!

Adore this fuchsia rose sweater with flounce. Tres girlie.

Kidney and fuchsia dress that I have to wear a sweater over because the neckline and sleeveless arms look like a tiger worked them over. Still, I can't part with this dress.

Olive Oil-esques in these light pink socks and kidney colored square toed leather pumps. I have to wear socks with these numbers because they're too big! I look like Olive Oil anyway............

Wednesday, September 12

Emerald City

Listening to the din of the road rage outside the cool climate and my calming ensemble keep me tranquil..............

Folly ensues in this car reflector and beaded petal flower necklace by Susan Skinner. Black lucite chain is repurposed from a Chanel piece. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

Elaborately crocheted sleeveless tunic over a Toad Road dress. Bottom of dress has EMERALD hued knife pleats. In this light they look black. Thanks for helping with my title post segue........

Road Kill felt pumps with eyelet tops appear emerald at least. Can't we get nice color clarity???????