Sunday, July 31

Z is for Zebra

This form fitting little number with jagged edges kind of reminds me of an OCD zebra.
Great cross that Georgie gave me and an opera length Laurette O'Neil, sterling with rocks.

Now for the REAL zeebs, or rather faux zeebs. From Boden UK , aren't they the bee's knees? I LOVE go-go boots! They're my era!

Saturday, July 30

There's an Elephant in the Gallery............

I was gifted this sexy little number by Carla. I'm a little leery of the strapless part as I have nothing to hold it in place. My solution is this black patent double buckle belt. The real sash is in my hair.

Ancient gold vermeil chain and Lordy, I scored an Alexander McQueen skellie head gold bracelet from Jen. My new favorite thing! SOOOOO cool!
Close-up of this fun cotton fabric.

Thought I'd toughen up this look with some seriously fierce shoes by Aldo. Dagwood approves.

Thursday, July 28

Beverley Hillbilly Makeover.........

I used to love this show, but face it, they could all use a fashion makeover, big time! First of all the rope belts have GOT to go. And what's with Jethro being in a plaid shirt 24/7? Let's not even deal with grandma........
Let's begin with a Nannette Lepore silk blouse with a net of fish and sequins. Triple chain is a cheapy from Etiquette Boutique.
Fabuloso jeans from Mille with lots of detail. Phoenix Forrester watch concho.
These jeans have a wide cuff, worn with ancient Mary Janes. Jethro might be an idiot but I'd marry him for his money!

Wednesday, July 27

Sharing the Day with My Girls............

Got this groovy gift that matches this wonderful frock that Jen gave me.
My sexy girl buddies posed with me and my bitchin' dress. They both look fantastic too. Check out that handbag!
Jen made the "Respect Her" necklace out of a copy of one of my paintings. The other is a Susan Skinner necklace Jen and Kristen gave me. I'm incessantly getting groovy gifts!Close up of the gorgeous fabric of this dress.
How hot are these riveted "Mad Max" shoes by Type Z? Thanks to everyone who takes such precious care of me!

Monday, July 25

Invitation to High Tea at Gosford Park...........

It's rare to get an invitation from this snooty family.
The terrified staff is on edge.
This peach necklace from Anthropologie picks up the peach in my Bluefly sheer tunic with ruffles.
I'm attempting to look my best, the pressure is on!
My mid-length skirt is miniature crochet in grey green is by Nick & Zoe. It's a brand available from Zappos.
Beautiful faux suede purple kitten heel pumps are a cheapy brand called Annie. I certainly hope I use the right forks and spoons at high tea!
A shout out to all my followers in Malaysia!!!

Sunday, July 24

I Needed a Jolt of High Voltage Color to Bring Me Back From the Dead....

A bit of residual fried-ness from yesterday's Summerfest. It was a flowing mass of zombies, kind of like Woodstock with patio tables. The pet portraits went off without a hitch, such great portraits by four artists.
The letters on my arms are from me moving names around. Pulsating color in this fractal like blouse and cantaloupe folded front skirt.Necklace by Karan Sipe.
These lattice velvet Jessica Simpson's are a nice ending to this outfit, comfy too. Great, it will be a year until the NEXT Summerfest!

Saturday, July 23

Summerfest Freakout!

We're having this Summerfest thingy where they block the streets off and a zillion people meander around, mostly eating cotton candy and drinking beer. WE'VE chosen to do watercolor pet portraits for two hours to benefit Lap Dog Rescue. Hence the casual attire should I get slimed by dogs.

More is more selection of silver necklaces bearing various charms.

Skinny cuffed jeans and by favorite shoes ( do I say that about most of them?), Marc Jacobs olive green plats with gold studs. Let's hope we get through this thing without a massive dog riot!

Friday, July 22

D A M N !!! I LOVE Denim!

Distressed patchwork denim mini, so cool!
And don't forget, Levi Strauss did NOT invent denim, blah, blah, blah.......

I like to think of this as my Frida look. Susan Skinner skellie bar necklace with turquoise and
These great comfy navy plats by Frye. I feel like a pinata today!

Thursday, July 21

I Call This Color Dorian Gray...............


This mini tee shirt material frock by 3.1 is a glorious dress in a pale gray. The YOUNG Dorian Gray would possibly make a pass at me!

Maybe the old ugly one too! He'd be more age appropriate! And doesn't look so bad to me!

Fantastic detail on this dress.

Gray Aldos, Mary Janes's gone haywire!

Wednesday, July 20

Punked Out in J. Peterman..............

Miss me? I've been off for a couple of days and exercised like I was on a hamster wheel. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Got this great punky tee at a place that no longer exists but it's one of my favs.
Edgy Erin Dengler necklace of rough cut mirror, reflector and glass. Rad!

This gossamer red polka dot softly pleated J. Peterman skirt fems this ensemble up a bit.  Black faux croc Richard Tylers, I have them in 3 colors of course! Rock out today, it's an order!

Sunday, July 17

Raw Silk Sunday...........

I'm going to an 80th birthday party after work so wanted to look my best. High waisted raw silk dress with pleated neckline.
I'm wearing a Kristin Diener pin as a necklace on a pair of Navajo pearls. Jen gave me this lovely cinnabar box necklace from Hey Jhonney.

Richard Tyler faux alligator tame platforms with peep toe and straps. I heard this event is supposed to be "casual", do I care? Not at all. Besides I'm coming from work where I always want to look good and besides that I ALWAYS dress up!

Friday, July 15

Knit ONe Pearl (Purl) Two

I'm adorned in a plethora of Debra Colonna pearls today. Aren't they magnificent?

This mauve satin dress from Bluefly is indispensable in the summer. So girlie too.

I call these plats my birthday cake shoes because that's what they look like to me. Irregular Choice
brand, how I love them and love being tall!

Thursday, July 14

The Diener is Great, the Rest Very Curious..........

This is a sublime Kristin Diener I own that has a woman facing away from the camera.

I really don't get the correlation of these two pieces of clothing. What gives? Free People top and Leifsdottir skirt.

Carlos t-straps given to me last birthday. If you have any idea what this outfit is about, let me know, okay?

Wednesday, July 13

Meeting Lord Byron at Pizza by the Slice..........

Although considered bad, mad and dangerous to know. Lord Byron was on his best behavior at the new
pizza by the slice restaurant called "Slice Parlor". He's a cutie though!

I wore this little frock with cape sleeves and ample pockets.

Mixture of pearls and navajo pearls.  See the black cameo at the v of the dress.

These beautiful Irregular Choice snakeskin pumps with what LOOKS like a broken heel are one of my favorite pairs. That says ALOT. Back to pizza and poetry!