Monday, December 31

This Year Can't Be Over Fast Enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2012 is not going to go down as one of my fondest years. I won't elaborate but thank God it's over today!  Next year would be hard pressed to be worse. Let me not obsess, move

Mammoth sacred heart pin by Lorena Angulo, protection from more disaster? I'm crossing my fingers.

This Philip Lim blouse from his line called 3.1 is one of my most expensive purchases, oh how Neiman Marcus must pine for me! Navy pleated silk anchored with faceted cz's. 

How does one get the wrinkles out of a rubber skirt? VERY CAREFULLY. I had to hold my steamer about 50' away so that I didn't melt this thing. I think this is faux rubber if there can be such a thing.......

Blue gray hose and black petroleum based platform boots. Maybe a movie will make this year end more rapidly. Get me out of here!

Sunday, December 30

I Capture the Castle.............

Dodie Smith's book, "I Capture the Castle" is one of my all time favorites. It's about a penurious family living in an old abandoned castle because of the benevolence of some family living far away.

This pin was sent to me totally by surprise from my friend Pati. To receive a gift from someone you haven't seen for a long time really warms the heart.

Vanilla hued Victorian inspired blouse with intricate beading on tulle.

Boden UK skirt of black wool with gray grosgrain geometric pattern.

What have we here???????? Flats? My eyes deceive me, surely. No, they're real. Metallic pewter ballet flats with bows. Delightful hose a Xmas gift.

Toughen up a demure ensemble with a crimson biker jacket. I've heard people hate fashion blogs, thanks for continuing to tune in to my ridiculous outfits and commentary.

Friday, December 28

Acid Flashback Friday..............

This exquisite imperial-esque necklace by Susan Skinner is the tame part of this ensemble. Get ready.................
My eyes! My eyes! This deco themed jersey dress is awash in acid hues. Plunging neckline flaunts my black lace cami. Bad girl! My hands look like they might have just come out of a kiln! Nice skin!

Never one to leave well enough alone, HAD to do my fuchsia opaque hose and fierce yellow patent plats! Fear my outfit..........fear it!

Thursday, December 27

Faux Rodent Thursday.............

God knows what vermin this is supposed to be mimicking.............beaver? mastodon? Maine Coon cat? I don't have a clue but it's warm and makes me feel like a rock star.

Beneath ambiguous fur garment is this mocha and black patterned cowl necked sheath dress with gathered waist by Jones of New York. Looks kind of like botched liposuction, no?

 These crazy low rider lace up shoes in light putty are by Irregular Choice. Can't discern the perforated pattern, but it takes them to a whole other level. Dig it!

Gaggle of bangles by various artists, Thomas Mann and Lauren Tobey to name a couple. They really don't make as much racket as you'd think but they DO make me look like I might be self-employeed in the fortune telling trade. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Wednesday, December 26

Cathartic Xmas..........

Got to sleep in, do about a thousand pounds of laundry, a long walk (15 miles, how I've missed distance walking!) and went to a great movie, "Silver Lining's Playbook". AHHHHHHHH! Heaven.
Psychedelic basket weave design dress with bat wings and sequin neckline. Vegas baby!

Thanks to the lack of distance walking I've developed these horrendous thunder thighs. Yikes! Try to concentrate on my purple on purple opaque hose and Vivianne Westwood triple strapped Mary Janes.

Biker is as biker does in this belted short waisted motorcycle jacket with lycra front panels. Crazy Pee Wee's playhouse in background. Wheeeeeeeeeee!

Monday, December 24

Wrapping It Up...............

Winding down from the riggers of Xmas retail. It's been a blinding whirl of wrapping, selling, and dealing with some BIZARRE people.  I plan on taking a L O N G  walk tomorrow, seeing a movie and bracing myself for Wednesday when everyone brings everything back! Wheeeeee!

 Crimson silk jersey sheath with a lot of swathing and twisting going on. I had to wait for something major to wear it, kind of over the top in the dressy department.

These square toed felted wool pumps I've had for an age. In fact, they're pretty stupid. I think the square toes are way dated. Little flowers are dear however. Well, enjoy your day off. I certainly hope you don't work at Walgreens!

Saturday, December 22

Wrong Holiday Moron............

         What do these pins bespeak of but CLOWN,CLOWN,CLOWN.. Dig it!

This is appropriate attire for a clown to wear to work at a bank. Yea! Pockets. Wool dot dress by London Times. Delicious pleated detail in the front of the bodice that's not discernible, bummer.
Black and white plaid bolero jacket by Adele Simpson from Off Broadway. True passion for this one.

Seriously, how could you hold back from wearing these tights with this dress? They scream ensemble mates. Irregular Choice black leather shoes boots with black organdy bows on the back. Happy Halloween everyone! Wheeeee!

Friday, December 21

Xmas Eve, Eve, Eve, Eve...........

Gracing my neck is this flowered pearl necklace by Karan Sipe. Celebratory in essence.

What is it???????? Is it a velveteen bra? A sequin shouldered corset? A hook and eyed floral vest?
Curious, very curious. Polka dot lace top from Free People, so is the mystery thingy.

 Keep it real with this Diane von Furstenberg in various dots, OF COURSE!

These floral opaque hose are supposed to pick up the floral in my top, I swear !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aged black
suede 50's pointy toed kitted healed pumps with cinch buckled top. See you on Xmas Eve, Eve, Eve!

Thursday, December 20

Thursday A-Go-Go................

Weather being a far cry from the excruciating temps of yesterday means I can wear something sheer and backless today of course. I mean, it must be a sweltering 40 degrees outside! Abstract silk blouse from Toad Road.
If you thought I was jesting about the back you don't know ME very well. Crazy much????

Pleated black and white paneled pencil skirt, slimming black sides and back. Dig it!

Told you I had faux fur zebra go-go boots. I love these things! From Boden UK. I am wearing a jacket today, believe it or not. (Probably don't.)

Wednesday, December 19

Dickens Door Maid.............

Ever the submissive mousey type, I'm cloaked in an ensemble that declaims domestic subservience.
Charles receives hoards of fans hungry for his next installment of his latest novel in the newspaper. 

Vivid handmade cotton scarf over triple layered tunic from Free People. Sumptuously detailed wool skirt with black grosgrain roses and leaves by Boden,UK.

Cold climes call for a blazer to greet people at Charles's door, felted grey polka dot wool piece by J. Crew.

Charles pays well enough to keep me in upscale footwear. Patent shoe boots by Miu Mui ( Prada's lower end line, he doesn't pay THAT well) and black and white opaque striped hose. The doorbell beckons.

Tuesday, December 18

Red Lips, Black Lace..........

I'm addicted to lipstick, I confess. I feel like my face is missing when I don't have it on.  Someone once gave me a card that says you can consume 10 pounds of lipstick in a lifetime. Yummy!

One choker from Georgie, the other made by Juli Cardozo.

This crimson tunic has belled sleeves, side slits and divine lace treatment on the shoulders and back.
You'll see, just wait.

Nifty little numbers by Rocket Dog in red felt, very 40's looking, black fishnets with seams. Oh, and I have a skirt on too. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Monday, December 17

Magilla Gorrilla Monday..............

Felling kinda simian-esque today what with my follicle covered top from Celebro, (R.I.P.) and bordering on sleazy(moi?),hairy glittery skirt. Monkey see, monkey do.

Bauble of chain and variegating faux pearls from Wear It, or was it Relish? Do I care? I think not.

Comfy biker boots and jiggy hose. Eat a banana today. They're good for you!