Wednesday, November 27

Oh When the Stripes Keep Marching On.............

Cunning craft in this divine detailed sweater vest. Oh the passion I feel for some of my garments. It's sick, actually..........

Worn over a 10 year old dress that serves as skirt today. Dig it!

Whole ensemble, gained a chance to combine some best-loved inventory.

                                 Prefer to wear my tights baggy. Conjures Oliver Twist.

                                                     "Please sir, can I have some more?"

                              Fierce biker boots with a plethora of stud action.  Dig it!

                                                     Stripey is as stripey does. Decent!

Tuesday, November 26

Migraine Imminent...........

When you see a train wreck about to happen, do you scream, cover your eyes? Well that's exactly what you're going to be compelled to do after witnessing this ensemble.

Let's embark by noting this wee sweater.  Remind you of a cooking micro-wave? Dig it!

Vintage floral collar peeping out from beneath sweater. Awwwwwww.

 Purchased this lovely print dress at Revolver that was across the street. Adorable but completely shredding apart because the fabric is so fragile and ancient. Great...................

                                   Why stop now..........let's just play the warmth card. Dig it!

                Have mercy. Where'd you find that thing? Hey, nothing stops this fashion fatality.......

I reiterate, people do cross to the other side of the street when they see me coming, Wheeeeee!

Checked Past.............

No novice to the combination of black and white,  in fact you must think I own a factory that only produces thus. One never knows..........

This polished cotton checked frock , blessed with pockets is quite clever with it's 1/2 sleeves and
v-neck. The cotton is so think at first I mistook it for plastic. Dig it!

Stockings and shoes are boring, but my polymer necklace is a groovy companion to said dress.

Braced the clime in this faux fur chubby. Oh, I look so Jersey!

Sunday, November 24

Circus Tent, Big Time.........

I'll eat my clown nose if this dress isn't a dead ringer for a circus tent. Off Broadway had this 80's sale, that's where I procured this extreme garment. It's got so much fabric it weighs about 15 pounds. I keep getting it caught between my legs and it almost fell in the toilet. Dig it!

Why stop now and when do I ever? Maude Andrade red and orange dot scarf.
Circus tents can be drafty.

My sensible red boots are a bit incongruous considering, but my other shoes have yet to arrive from EBay.

High Tide..........

These trousers boast a waist that nearly grazes by bust line. They very much conjure Martin Short playing Ed Grimly on Saturday Night Live............

or perhaps matador pants. Dig it!

A woven tweed they are quite over the top, "I must say." (Ed Grimly quote.) They're actually not properly pulled up in this pic.

Free People lace dot top with exposed black lace lingerie. Laurette O'Neil lava ball choker. 
Better pic of pants here.

Embrace the horror of my blue perforated Frankenstein shoes. Wheeeeee!

All are aware that it's 12 degrees out but how many of you really think I donned a coat? 10%? 5%? Well, here's to your lack of faith in me.This faux poodle coat that skims my high rise waistband is a gift from a friend. One dollar from a garage sale.

Saturday, November 23

Nice weather! Wheeeeeeeee!

Projecting a modicum of sense today I did boast my full length faux cheetah coat today. (No verification, I didn't photo it.) This tunic from Free People captures the whole package in what I gravitate towards. 12 different patterns! Dig it!

Maybe not the most flattering shape in the hips department but the clever detail is in the ankles that snap
over projecting a slimming affect.

Won't snooze on these shoes and socks. Plaid wool lace ups and checked socks.
Very sensible.

Sensible? How about unconscious?


Thursday, November 21

50 Degrees Out ? Mini Skirt Time!

True to my De riguere  I'm always under clothed for the temp. I scuttle about in sleeveless silk, which isn't so ungodly coming to work but a tad dicey leaving. A balmy 50 is open season for something relatively sparce. Hey, I've got a sweater on! Dig it!

We been together at least 30 years, this sweater and I. It's everything I adore. Crop waisted, loose cotton knit, roll up sleeves.

Gilded woven silk with black polka dots. Neiman Marcus purchase, back in the days of yore. Scrumptious!

Keeping it real with these argyle sweater hose. Hey, I might not be that insane today after all.........
These kicks have been around the block. They're starting to get a bit scary looking. You're thinking "Those things were born scary." Quite the quandary when I couldn't figure out which one went on which foot. Had to get Jean to solve the mystery.

It's predicted to be 37 degrees tomorrow. Time to don the sleeveless micro dress. Wheeeeeeeeeee!

Wednesday, November 20

Houndstooth of the Baskervilles..............

                    Terrific novel inspires me to do a bit of "hounds"toothing myself. Dig it!
Doubtful my attire will have you on the edge of your seat however.................

Little number I picked up at Off Broadway in about 10 minutes. Had to be somewhere. Hey, I love it!

Adornment limited to this embellished J. Crew t-shirt.

Uh oh, here we go with the pants. Grey on grey houndstooth trousers. I'll never quit, as you know. Always assume the worst.

Grey patent shoe boots with oxford shoe detail. Nice hefty heel. They are by Miu Miu,
 Prada's low end brand. Oh shut up.

Time to madly trounce through the heath to get a lead on some nasty dog action. Wheeeeee!

Tuesday, November 19

I Scream for Black and Cream!

Much laudable and revered designer Adele Simpson was always at the top of her game.

Hence I covet my cream and black plaid bolero gem from Off Broadway.

Specially designed as a Xmas gift I received this Jeri Moe breathtaking pin that I'm donning as a necklace. Too bad it's not centered ! Wheeeee!

Adore this pencil skirt with front panel of layered silk in irregular stripes. Dig it!

Seamed fishnets and my so called equestrian shoe boots.

Would love to grapple for more Adele.

Sunday, November 17

Pearls and Pleatha..........

Bountiful (really, me?) lavender pearls amassed on this coy mauve lace blouse. Looky, I'm wearing something beneath! What a concept! Wheeeeeee!

Petroleum based perforated skirt, kind of reminds me of what some punker would wear in the Ice Capades. Quandary......How does one attempt to remove wrinkles on this thing? I tried steaming it inside out. Right side up, meltsville. Much weighed upon by such issues....... How does one cope?


Much adored Irregular Choice shoe booties with black voile bow on heel. Was told I kind of look like a superhero today. I'm thinking more like an idiot. Dig it!