Saturday, August 31

Alert Fashion Police Sat.

                                                     Nice giant plastic gem detail. Dig it!

Oh dear. Got this dress on final sale of course. Said small, well they weren't kidding. I think it was slated for someone about 4"7" This thing is so short even I knew I had to wear something under it. So what do I don? These crazy ass tights. Remember no time. Must acquiesce to extreme errors.

Shoes are cheap, dumb and uncommonly forgettable. Haven't you suffered enough for one day?

                                                                   My eyes! My eyes!

Got Your Backless Friday......

Only thing that might prevent a narcolepsy episode with this ensemble is the back slit. Good aeration going on. Dig it!

Love this adstracty woven-esque pattern. Must be dry cleaned. Hate that. I've have winnowed down my dry cleaning bill from $300. a month. 

This subtly abstract painted skirt is so matchy-matchy with the blouse it looks like a dress. Hives imminent.
Thank God these things are prelaced with stretchy laces or I would have been 2 hours late for work. Cool though.

                                     Reminds me of her old straight jacket days of yore.

Friday, August 30

Spidey Sense Thursday.....

Procured this number at Ross for less than you could get something at Goodwill. Dig it! Unfortunately Asian children seem to have lost pride in their jobs. It's shoddily made. Kinda weak on the print job, you can hardly discern Spidey.

Chokers by Juli Cardozo and the one bequeathed to me from George. Always brandish these paired together.

                  Keith Richards skinny jeans, wheeeeeeeeeee! I get mistaken for him all the time!

                                        Let's forgo shoes you've seen a trillion times, shall we?

                                       And you think Keith Richards looks like a train wreck!

Wednesday, August 28


My favorite dresser of all time is Jack Nicholson in the first Batman movie. (Frankly, I feel as if I were meant to live in a Tim Burton film. It just didn't turn out that way). But I digress, the Joker, me, same look.

Starting from the bottom up today, Nascar "finish flag" skinny trousers.

Ancient animal print fabric pumps from Wear It, R.I.P.
(Dagwood is perplexed)

Beige ruched jersey top from  J. Peterman. Not the Joker's color palette.

Very demure necklace by Kristin Diener, well, actually, it's a pin so maybe not that tiny after all. Cool though, nice ass.

The Joker hates beige!!!!!

Tuesday, August 27

Not So Little Mermaid

Here we go again. Leaping into a piece of clothing at the eleventh hour that I had gotten on line and had never tried on. OH MY GOD! This thing is so tight I know how a mermaid feels. One step and it's gathering up around my gut!


                       My black and white cropped jersey shirt doesn't help. It's cool though.

Two necklaces look Eastern Indian in nature although I'm clueless. The cinnabar and turquoise one is all plastic. Dig it!

               Wore these turquoise kitten heeled pumps because they are super comfy and mimic
the plastic turquoise bead. Whatever.

                           If that skirt doesn't explode at the seams I'll eat someone's hat.


Monday, August 26

Frilly, lacy, saccharine Monday..........

Modest little pairing of lace, lace and yet some more lace. Are you surprised? I think not. Pale rose crocheted top and really cool skirt I bought at this used clothing store in Santa Fe, can't remember the name of the place but this thing wasn't even cheap!

Garnet necklace with silver drop that reads Luz, whatever that means.

 Dumb  metallic flats. Can't elaborate. Had to crop the hell out of this photo to hide my Frankenstein feet.

                                                            She looks like an antimacassar.

Dig it!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 23

Grinch That Stole Friday.......

All time favorite animated cartoon is "How the Grinch stole Xmas", the original with Boris Karloff as narrator. Boris Karloff! And the Grinch, so delectably evil.

Grinch hued frock is of a weird fabric, kind of looks like the tips of your fingers when they've been in water a long time.

Betsey Johnson squared. Opera length one a gift from George that he brought me back from Chicago. Ahhhhhhh. Choker one I got online. Dig it!

I'm certain you're nauseous from witnessing these very summery pumps for the trillionth time. Would a little forbearance on your part be too much to ask? Work with me here people.......

You and forbearance are not something thats worked out up to this point. I wouldn't hold my breath.

Thursday, August 22

Frida Thursday..........

Beautiful epic icon Frida Khalo influenced the art world as well as the fashion world.

                                 I've always considered this colorful gift my Frida Kahlo top.

                               She would have approved of these sacred heart necklaces.

                                   Ancient gauzy layered skirt, a bit on the long side for moi.

                     Nice Summery shoes dumb ass! Tops are open with woven mesh, so there.

                         Yeah, and the eyebrows on this nut job look kind of familiar too.

Wednesday, August 21

Filagree O.D.

                                    What have we here? Oh, the old more is more trick.                                       
Faceted glass beads with antique pendant by Wanda Lobito. Nice chest.....or is it hanging on a wall?

How about more, more a bit more strands of faux pearls. The black one is a Swarovski crystal bracelet  Kristen Plaskon brought me back from Paris. Dig it!

                                             Filagree peplum top. Nice  Cro-Magnon hair.

Filagree skinny jeans. I tried to crop the hell out of my thighs. Mission unsuccessful.

                                                      Be happy to help you trim those thighs. Wheeeeeeee.