Sunday, November 30

Breaking News..........

Loathe to concede I don't exactly know current events. I don't watch television, or read newspapers. Makes for awkward pauses when you are ignorant of monolithic disasters, or that sparse granule of uplifting portent. If I can't read it, I'll wear it! Abundance is as abundance does in this gargantuan sweater by Ellazhu. Pearl gray pencil skirt with black front panel.
This is probably a National Enquirer!! Dig it!

Cheesy pimp ball chain necklace stacked with yet another cheesy necklace. Sterling silver? I think not. Wheeee!

                              Featured ad nauseam, red kitten heeled faux crocs. But hey, great perspective!

Saturday, November 29

Filagree Friday, I Guess....

Wee enamel pendant is one of my first Kristin Diener acquisitions. I'm certain it has a legendary story of it's gleaning.

Feminine mock lace tunic with elastic waist. I surmise this is my reference to filagree. 

Something called for to address the tame nature of this ensemble. A boost of bolero length plaid wool jacket from Off Broadway saves the day. Dig it.

Nifty silver pumps also breathe a modicum of much needed life into this underwhelming outfit. 
Let's call these Cinderella strumpet pumps. Wheeeeee!

Friday, November 28

Red and Dijon Wednesday............

Captivating droop necked button sided sweater. Flattering, fitted sides. Dreamy is as dreamy does.

I reiterate, never wear a skirt smarter than you. Dijon and vanilla striped sweater skirt in ribbed wool blend. Flattering below the knee length.

Nightmare on Amherst St. with these hose today. If they weren't a fetching , diamond patterned, heavy cotton, I would have shot them ages ago. Basically, it's all about the total lack of elastic in the waistband. Need I say more? I think it lends itself to grueling imagery. Reptile cowboy shoe boots. What on earth is something of that nature doing in my inventory? I've heard about people on Ambien buying motorcyles and such on line while still completely asleep. What's my excuse? I'm not even on that one!

Wednesday, November 26

My Romantic Phase. What?

Although finite, I was obsessed with this romantic look. Lacey things, long skirts, embellishment and intricate detail. I think "Pride and Prejudice" might have lent much influence.
Diaphanous lace beneath exquisite, laboriously knit, corset vest.

Sublimely fetching tulle maxi with complex rose embroidered stitchery.
Another Nic and Zoe treasure.

Very much the Elizabeth Bennet boots. Pleated lace with a variety of luscious buttons. Alas, I rarely exhume any of this resplendence.  My new phase is much more age inappropriate. Wheeeeeeee! 

Tuesday, November 25

Vintage Spanish Vent..........

Arresting red top, that's actually a dress, boasts black crocheted shoulders and criss-crossed open back. Much to adore. Light wool, bell sleeves.


This charlatan is not even a real Betsey Johnson, and it's source is unmistakably not here.
  Bad, loathsome, gallery owner!

Breathe taking heavy wool circle skirt from Off Broadway. Slate gray with elaborate swirling grosgrain ribbon motif. Black plastic knee high platform boots ended up on the cutting room floor. Not to worry, they'll be back.

Funny little tidbit. Didn't realize the hem was unraveling in the back and escaped a near fashion fatality when my boot heel got caught in it ascending the stairs. Dig it!

Billion Layers Sunday........

Nice weather, right? If you're a kite!!  Layers were provident, and miraculously, donned. Camisole under navy blazer. Fashionable score from Buffalo Exchange. I don't buy much there, it's all about being the recipient of revenue, not doling it out.  Magnetizing trio of antique bar pins, long past acquisitions.

Teamed with said blazer, filagree motif jeans.

The peach of this ensemble, long flannel Dicken's coat in grey blue houndstooth.
Lots of buttons, (millions), and fake pockets lend the look of a poor gentleman's morning coat.

                                            Pleasing detail of the back is lost, alas.

I love Dickens. I'm elated to exercise a segment of time traveling in this ensemble. Wheeeee!

Monday, November 24

All Caught Up, Wheeeee!

                                SO EVIDENTLY THIS WAS SATURDAY...........

Betsey Johnson is a frolicsome place to begin. This double necklace with leather threaded chain (again, Chanel to mind). A spate of everything, bows, skulls, pearls, and plentiful sparkle. Dig it!

Black and white striped lycra top resembles the British flag a bit. I said a bit!

Betsey Johnson necklace, striped top, and a skirt that might be worn to court to plead out of a warrant for delinquent parking tickets. I'm making this up!

Great shot of Phil's sneaks and my black pumps!
Dig it!

Time to Catch Up.........

Rehab was hell, but it doesn't harbor the stigma it had previously. Just kidding! That is not the cause of me being remiss. One attempts to stay focused but one can not perpetually. That's my excuse and I'm running with it!!!!!!  

                                     EVIDENTLY THIS WAS WEDNESDAY............
Tis another day where I consider it's all about the shoes I'm sporting.  Short leather (really!) shoe boots bordered with zipper detail, including seam of shoe. Profusely nifty!

Polka dot cardigan is mildly amusing but under 
 sweater screams I'm trying to make a good impression at a PTA meeting. Heavens, how dull.

Semi-groovy vertical striped maxi skirt. Unfortunately it bears a sizable split up the back so knee socks are a no can do.

In a nutshell, that's Wednesday.


Spoke of these troublesome boots before. They are so petroleum based they reek of gasoline. Recidivist return issue due to said indolence. I adore these malodorous pests. I've tried everything to purge the vapors; leaving them outside for a week, odor eaters in the toe and Febreze laden paper towels. To no avail.  The widest fishnets on the planet. Dig it!

Monolithic sunflower pin by Hollie Ambrose. Tin butterfly from Papers.

Fetching little knit jumper with clever askew pocket.
Extreme cropping necessary to remove the weirdest protrusion on my side. Conjured up images of that thing bursting through the abdomen in Alien.

                                                                          Dig it!

                                       CHEETAH AND SOME MORE CHEETAH FRIDAY
Inclement is as inclement does this day. I actually wore some clothing. What a concept!
Exhumed from the depths this sultry frock with side zips was a score until I realized it been a moth motel. Starved for time, as always, I needed immediate camouflage recon. Cheetah snug to the rescue. And since it was crisp, why not some more cheetah action? Cheesy opera length chains I'd forego water boarding before confessing to their source. The jewelers I represent would be justified to hang me from my thumbs.

         Lest we forget these gold lame go-go boots with animal print trim. Stop the madness!!!!

If this get-up doesn't get me arrested I'll eat my hat. Wheeeee!

Enough for today, but other catch ups are imminent. Lucky you, right?

Wednesday, November 19

Stones and Spots......

Perplexed by why this deep v-neck sweater, gifted by sister in law, conjures up the Flintstones but it always has. Evidently it's Fred's look.

                                      The predicament, the quandary, the plight, the perplexity, of choosing which  which Kristin Diener to brandish from my considerable collection.  Always proves to be an endeavor. Chose to go small and demure for this look. It's comely shape, the lions head, hand constructed chain, pearls. My vocabulary is insufficiently refined to convey my admiration.

Enter the fuzzy spotted full length sweater from Suny's boutique across Amheart. "Rut Ro", badness strikes once more. She says I'm her best customer. I'm everyone's best customer. Dig it!

Plasma donating imminent to pay the acme I've accrued on monthly American Express bill. Hey, it keeps me reigned in. I must pay it off every month. *%#@*!*

She doesn't contain enough plasma......

Groovy Things............

                                  DOGGIES NOT IMPRESSED BY CELEBRITIES..............



                                 DRIVING STICK............................

                                   THESE PLAID SKINNIES AND BIKER BOOTS.............