Saturday, November 15

Ahhhhh, Krispy's So Talented!

Kris Mills is another that is incredibly stellar in a plethora of mediums. She teaches drawing, metal works, exceeds in clay, print making and has been a set painter for Joel Peter Witkin for over 15 years. When I've had Lap Dog Rescue events where people get their dog's portrait done, everyone wants Kris.  Samples:
 Just kidding......

Ceramics sample:

Another necklace, "The Toothache"

This sublime gem is a piece she just recently finished. Woman's image with a myriad of copper detail, oxidized silver thorn chain. A marvel.

Scored this multi-gored frock from an 80's sale at Off Broadway. Dig it!
 Sweater with the most gigantic collar on the planet. Wheeee! Nice bologna hands......

This is another sock and shoe combination I'm considering for my business card. Maybe next time.