Tuesday, November 4

Better Yurts and Gardens............

Focal point, and impossible not be be, it this cavernous cardigan.  Could house five. And a small dog.
Very yurt-esque.  Single button, angled front panels, boasting healthy sized pockets. Loose chain knit, in ubiquitous black and white.

Seeing spots ( so hackneyed, but hey, I'm tired, I'm running with it), tights with, clever is as clever does, black and white ankle socks (Wheeee), and cheesy black flats from Ross.

This necklace, taking one-of-a-kind to it's apex, and perhaps creepiness also. Bespectacled nerd of carved bone on peridot beads. Great, but weird, artist Hugh O'Neal. Did remarkably eerie sculptures and a smattering of jewelry. Alas, his real job syphoned all of his creative time, and soul, I imagine.

Remember, if you ever have out of town guests or are looking for a time share, I have this sweater. Let's talk......