Sunday, November 16

Faux Faux Chanel.........

Coco Chanel is my favorite designer. I'm aware she's dead but I think the standard of her tradition has remained masterfully intact. Lagerfeld has continued to create breathtakingly glorious haute couture.
 Have a smattering of pieces I like to think of as my Coco's. This one I having flaunted in an age.

Puzzling fabric under voile and lace. Ruffled enclosure.

Teamed with black tights.  Bit of a departure from the regal norm.  Considerable lenience required.

Coco adored pearls but would rise from her grave if she saw this cheesy necklace. I'll never bend to divulge it's tacky source of aquistion. Dig it!

                                             My lips are sealed........for a hundred bucks......