Wednesday, November 5

The Shoes, The Stockings............

Colossal hot pink diaphanous sweater, could be a bikini cover. Now, let's address the subject of Resort Wear. Haute couture always features a collection every spring? Where are said resorts? And one does what? Should I ever happen on one, I'd be waiting tables.


Underneath a heather knit frock baring chevron cable treatment, horizontal bodice. Nine West design.

Lets move on, with trepidation, to the shoes and stocking. One friend detests these shoes. Do I care? I think not. In fact, these shoes and stockings have made friends over the day and show good chemistry. I think they might be the image for my next business cards. I always aim for professionalism.

Professionalism and this human are the most incongruous two words in the English language.