Tuesday, November 25

Billion Layers Sunday........

Nice weather, right? If you're a kite!!  Layers were provident, and miraculously, donned. Camisole under navy blazer. Fashionable score from Buffalo Exchange. I don't buy much there, it's all about being the recipient of revenue, not doling it out.  Magnetizing trio of antique bar pins, long past acquisitions.

Teamed with said blazer, filagree motif jeans.

The peach of this ensemble, long flannel Dicken's coat in grey blue houndstooth.
Lots of buttons, (millions), and fake pockets lend the look of a poor gentleman's morning coat.

                                            Pleasing detail of the back is lost, alas.

I love Dickens. I'm elated to exercise a segment of time traveling in this ensemble. Wheeeee!