Wednesday, November 19

Stones and Spots......

Perplexed by why this deep v-neck sweater, gifted by sister in law, conjures up the Flintstones but it always has. Evidently it's Fred's look.

                                      The predicament, the quandary, the plight, the perplexity, of choosing which  which Kristin Diener to brandish from my considerable collection.  Always proves to be an endeavor. Chose to go small and demure for this look. It's comely shape, the lions head, hand constructed chain, pearls. My vocabulary is insufficiently refined to convey my admiration.

Enter the fuzzy spotted full length sweater from Suny's boutique across Amheart. "Rut Ro", badness strikes once more. She says I'm her best customer. I'm everyone's best customer. Dig it!

Plasma donating imminent to pay the acme I've accrued on monthly American Express bill. Hey, it keeps me reigned in. I must pay it off every month. *%#@*!*

She doesn't contain enough plasma......