Tuesday, April 26

Cornucopia of Clever Coolness

Vastly delinquent in posts I elected to focus on some prodigious gems from my surfeit inventory.
Let's advance with this newly purchased belt by Kris Mills with 50's, shrinky dink illustrated dame. Dig it!

Throng of necklaces. Karan Sipe & Maria Huang Levy. Sheer opulence in this gauze tunic with intricate beading. Yeah baby!

Modeling choker by Melodie Owen. Steel with enamel discs, pearls, crystals, you name it!

Tres plastique platforms, blazing pistols on heals.

Fishnet over yellow lycra tights. Vivid dot socks and boring black flats. It's pretty much all about the tights, to be honest........

So there we have it. A condensed summation of the most compelling of late.

Friday, April 22

Big Ben.........

Astonishing in the extreme that I owned this watch for months before going public. Even I found it outlandish!  Of recent it's ubiquitous is as ubiquitous does. Wheee! Fossil brand at it's most prodigious.

Despite the magnitude of a steering wheel, I can barely discern the time. Peppered with a trillion faces impairs size of said. Did I return it? I think not.......

Punker choker by Erin Dengler. Reflector, broken glass, mirror. Dig it!

Staid but captivating hue trio. Red, eggplant and black ruched sides. Look, my lips! Ouch!

Can't for the life of me figure out which leg is what. Mega fishnets and much documented red pointy kitten heels. 

If someone were to inquire on the time, I'll be forced to declaim, "Uh, I'm not certain."

Oddest Pose Ever..........

Don't know the source of the odious adage "strike a pose" but if this isn't the most asinine stance, I'm certain you'll concur, I'm flummoxed as to what would usurp. Purpose, slit brandishing!
Purpose, slit brandishing!

So irksome that my flesh perpetually mimics those pig's feet in a jar. Yummy
Perky patent belt with host of frolicsome photos. Ubiquitous bracelet gifted by my sister, awwww.

Nice hand.........Is one supposed to eat those hooves in jars?

Saving the best for last, amusing, merrymaking, flats with animal print on mesh . Yeah baby!

Nice boiled shrimp ankles........

Monday, April 18

Tupac a Day............

Have ardently declaimed my love for this deceased rapper-ganster Tupac Shakur. One can still embrace hip-hop as an octogenarian. Caution against hip fracture inclinations. Pesky things........

The imponderable is this attire chosen to attend a runway fashion show at the Convention Center. Which was raining western wear. I love being a wallflower. Wheeeeee!

Brace of breathtaking bracelets. Nice Siamese hands.........

Hold the phone! The flood gates are open. Bring on the hose bearing black polka dots and my most outlandish shoes! Dig it!

I incited a rabble that ran me out with flaming torches. Rock on!

Monday, April 11


Endearing and monolithically adroit creatively, painter Molly Geissman has embraced the issue of incarceration in depth. Be it prisons, mental institutions, facilities for the aged. Well, Molly's favorite place to visit when in San Francisco? Alcatraz! Dig it! Surely, they don't house a gift shop (do they?), none the less she gifted me this rockingly riotous tee.
I need to go there. I need to be in there.............

You'll quake where I chose to take this ensemble. Poor Molly, I was meeting her at Harwood.
In the attendance of normal people. This necessitates a royal blue satin circle skirt with black waistband.

But I'm just getting started. Animal print tights tuck into animal print combat boots. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

Sparing me from fashion jail is this fetching, domed tin choker in primary colors by Cynthia Cook. I'm only permitted one phone call. Pick up!

Saturday, April 9

Ode to Spring...........

Unhampered by allergies I skip through spring with vast vim. Ensemble emotes perky alchemy in tunic and tights. J. Crew pale pink tee with a slip of sleeve. Intoxicating image of bloomed rose with outstanding legs. French enigmatic notation, but augments the grooviness of this creation. Dig it!

Perceive these swirls as wee static galaxies.

Hold the phone! These plastic on plastic platforms collude with my houndstooth socks in launching this to another stratosphere. Let's get our Soul Train on! Rock it!

Thursday, April 7

Groovin' is as Groovin' Does........

Deduce I have more "smitten" inventory than perceived. This Love In frock boasts a spate of bitchin' minutiae. Psychedelic (dig it) motif in light poly-blend, cowl neck to infinity and beyond. Ruched sides on lower panel. Yeah baby!

Back not as compelling as I thought. Yawn.

In keeping with the mind altering theme, acid green cami and tights. Rock on"
Petroleum based flats. Motif a clever conception.

I'm going to go stare at my dripping faucet. For a few hours.

Saturday, April 2

"But Tod, I Love You".............

Fervid crush on Roy Lichtenstein. Saccharine comic book pop-art. What's not to love? I actually own this print diptych, the actual thing. Don't burglar my house!

He depicts the tension and tragedy of romance. Rock on!

Cheesy knock-off are these tights. I love them, but I think someone just might be going to court........

Ferociously insane design in these flats with silkscreened animal print .

Taking it down a few hundred decibels donned in this cashmere tunic in gray and black.
Much adored.

Let's lie back and reminisce about all of our previous retched romances. Dig it!