Tuesday, April 26

Cornucopia of Clever Coolness

Vastly delinquent in posts I elected to focus on some prodigious gems from my surfeit inventory.
Let's advance with this newly purchased belt by Kris Mills with 50's, shrinky dink illustrated dame. Dig it!

Throng of necklaces. Karan Sipe & Maria Huang Levy. Sheer opulence in this gauze tunic with intricate beading. Yeah baby!

Modeling choker by Melodie Owen. Steel with enamel discs, pearls, crystals, you name it!

Tres plastique platforms, blazing pistols on heals.

Fishnet over yellow lycra tights. Vivid dot socks and boring black flats. It's pretty much all about the tights, to be honest........

So there we have it. A condensed summation of the most compelling of late.