Sunday, May 1

Keith Richards? Phantom of the Opera? Hmmmmmmm

Quite a departure from today's ensemble, but in all sincerity, how is that guy still above ground? I would have given him mere days forty years ago. That's why I house a bit of suspicion. Observe resemblance.

Proclaim my longevity is from 70 years of artificial sweetener. Virtual mounds of it. Too hostile an environment for pesky germs to survive. Dig it! Mr. Richards, I'll warrant, lends his elusive dance with death to a more enigmatic source. Carrot juice perhaps. Righteous.

I's ensemble pays homage to his miraculous ability to still rock and roll. To infinity and beyond.

Sleeveless from a semi-sleazy boutique that used to be in this shopping center. I questioned it's choice of moniker......"Wang Dang Doodle". Oh dear.....

With much conviction I'll wager that Keith has these same skinny jeans. And looks better in them.

Where's my guitar and ubiquitous ciggie?

Irregular Choice pumps are profoundly kick ass. Yellow, floral motif and a cylindrical  turquoise heel. My stars! Nice bologna feet..........

Guess there's something to be said for total, weekly blood transfusions after all. Indeed.