Saturday, May 14

Blogspot Meltdown.........

Like my revered Punxsutawney Phil, I am making an appearance once again, much to your chagrin. Hailstorm of issues; the last being the site itself. Rectified by my infant tech savvy employee, Rachel.

Where foreout I inaugurate this documentation? 

Arder is ceaseless for my collection of Kristin's. Relish stacking them. Double the genius.

In tandem with her delicacy I miraculously stay in keeping, donning with lace divinity from Toad Road.

Hold the phone! With arbitrated intention is Maude Andrade's pencil skirt boasting
 silkscreened photo she took in Ecuador. Knowing my penchant for wearing the obscene, even I can't parade this in full exposure. It's positively graffitied on. Wheeeeeeeeee!

Trouble is brewing..........One post down, a quintillion to go!