Saturday, January 31

Sky's the Limit on Plastic Fashion!

Couple of years ago a website I purchased from frequently would send me little gifts for my ebullient patronage. Curiously, I received these severely petroleum based trousers in the mail. Quandary, swag bonus or shipping error? I wasn't charged for them and they were the right size. S C O R E ! Perhaps another case of "What were we thinking when we ordered these things? Let's unload them pronto". Contemplated their mysterious where-abouts just yesterday, did I donate them? sell them to Buffalo? Quite the enigma. Low and behold I stumbled on them looking for something else this morning! Wheeeeee!
Don't know if it's a blessing or a curse but I kind of feel we could establish a relationship. I.E.  they will be calibrated to the honorable stature of being viewed yet again in the next 3 years in my persnickety rotation system.

Sublime silk blouse from Off Broadway I've had an age. Odd hue combination ignites my passion for oddness. Who'd of thought? Oddness is as oddness does. Dig it!

Another vintage treasure. Purchased so long ago it might be pre-Off Broadway plundering. Lends a British professor in the 30's energy.

Personally, my professorial skills lean more in this direction.

Thursday, January 29

Wear the Buffalo Roam.......

                            Trio of antique bar pins lend subtle yet gracious accentuation.

Exhumed from navy section of my segregated closet system, (hey, you can't fathom the trappings I discover in there!) I'm extolling this beguiling catch I gleaned from Buffalo Exchange a few years back. Vintage single button blazer with microscopic white dot treatment.

What I proclaim is my Versace-esque skirt. Silk and about 3" long. Wheeee!

 Today is National Eddie Munster Day! Not really. I just love him. Dig it!

Wednesday, January 28

Jean Pool...........

Infrequent apparel is the denim jacket in my repertoire, but resolved to infuse today's ensemble with aberrant stroke of surprise.  Vintage pins enrich the resplendence of buttons. Hold the press! Is that a poodle???

Yet another sleep inducing animal motif. Black vertical grosgrain inserts provide a modicum of cleverness to this petroleum based pencil skirt.

Effusive amour for these fierce but comfortable animal print tie-up pumps with cutouts. Hey, and they boast fur as well. Dig it!  Feel the animal, be the animal.

                                  Feel the Snoop Dogg. Be the Snoop Dogg......................

Tuesday, January 27

DZHAVAEL, nice name................

Frequently have moments of aphasia, but feel no guilt in regards to saying or recalling this design company's title. Oh please, are they putting us on? Perhaps it's Navajo code talking or something. Heedless of my rants, I do so adore their esthetic. The chaos calls my name. O B V I  O U S L Y.      V- neck beneath cowl neck, a frenzy of sundry fabrics and motifs. Applaud their brilliance, who ever they are........
The co-ordination is killing me! note the animal print jeans mimicking the swatch of bodice! I bow my head in shame.

Maria Moya pin from decades ago. Hues a bit homogenous as well. We'll have to knuckle under. And perfectly vertical also. Dig it!

I'll knight these my Edward Scissor Hand's shoes boots, as opposed to my pumps of decades.


                          There's just something about her that get's underneath my fur..........



Monday, January 26

Alcatraz Sunday...........

Gifted this brazen blazon t-shirt from endeared friend Molly. Masterfully gifted painter, she's created a large body of work on "Incarceration", be it prison's or mental facilities. She brought me two Alcatraz, much treasured, t-shirts from San Francisco. Surely she's visited this notorious, formidable, facility. I'm ecstatic about this xmas offering.

Olive green denim jacket with fiercely padded shoulders and faux leather inserts. Dig it!

15 year old brocade skirt from Paleozoic Wear It across the street. Gleaned some real gems from there.
They had my American Express number on file. Wheeeeee!

Shoe boots from embarrassing venue. I'll never tell. In their defense, they're very groovy.

               She loves to cross pollenate prison glorification and dainty brocade. Rock on!

Sunday, January 25

Zipper to Nowhere............

I love this designer, DZHAVAEL Couture. Their trademark..... helter skelter swatches of diverse fabrics. Contrary to said mode, this frock is relatively symmetrical. This vanilla and black darling highlights sheer sleeves shared with elbow to wrist sweater treatment. So begins the frenzied fabric chemistry. Ironic that this zipper, which plays an integral role in the design, is utterly fake! Dig it!

Ruby tights in tandem with formidable biker boots. Compelled to seek footwear of sufficient height to mask lumpy sock action beneath. Always on my game.

Cream and black hairy measled sweater coat from Suny's boutique across the street. Go visit. Yummy things!

Saturday, January 24

Pins to infinity Friday..........

Mati Lyn, director of "Art Street" is a mixed medium artist with a gleaming soul. I adore her. The top and lower pins she created for me. Rhinestones on television part, lower vintage pin on domino. Bookended by Mati's gems is a clever confection by Marcia Sednek, maybe one of the most ingenious artists I have the privilege of knowing.

Soft glen plaid jersey dress flaunts ample hemline.

Smoldering aubergine tights make sexy Fornarina shoe boots accelerate the decadence.

                                                           They're smoldering, not I.

Friday, January 23

Thermal Thursday............

Procured this dainty tunic from Amazon of all places. Friend imparted it was a good place for clothes. Thought, well, since books are about the 30th thing listed in there anymore, I'd venture into virgin territory. Bingo! A source even cheaper than old venue! I think this thing was about $6.99. However, I've been cutting errant threads off of it all day. Those children working 36 hour shifts in Asia no longer have pride in their jobs.

Double Karan Sipes. Had to make the top one so tight to stack correctly with bottom beauty it's practically strangling me. Exfixiation for fashion. Wheeeeeee!

Denim tights are a riot. Sewn pockets and fly create a trompe l'oeil illusion of jeans! They're like something you'd hoist on a one year old. Dig it! I'll spare you detailed documentation.

                             My macho reptile cowboy shoe boots are in direct polarity to the embellishment above but dichotomy is a large part of my character.

                                     Dichotomy is a genteel way to connote her schizophrenia.

Beseech this cheesy thermal to remain intact the length of the work day. Reminiscent of my home economics class in which I had to sew a skirt and wear to school. The thing fell apart before days end. A plethora of safety pins saved the day. Bye bye sewing career. Dig it!

Tuesday, January 20

All About Kristin............

 Naturally I'm partial to Kristin Diener's exemplary jewelry. Only second to Kristin's mother in the scope that I've amassed. A nationally lionized metalsmith instructor and internationally exhibited, I'm honored to have the second largest collection of her work. They are truly art pieces, some taking several years to complete.  My form is the ideal showcase for her work, homogeneous to art on a wall.  This masterpiece entitled "Roadside Beach Dreams" encases a vintage photograph of a woman in the forefront of a rock formation. So begins the ebulliently elaborate framing of the centerpiece. I don't have the vocabulary to catalog it's brilliance.

Expecting this gem to mitigate the raging stupidity of the remaining ensemble is too much to ask. Even of Kristin. Black velveteen dots on black long sweatshirt-esque thingy with abstract kangaroo pocket.
( what the? )

Hold the phone, it get's worse! Swirling orb motif tights. The horror! I reiterate, it'a all about Kristin. Dig it!

                                                    I'll take care of that stupid outfit.