Monday, January 19

Le Poor..........

Shower of necklaces by Beth clark. She's a splendid designer and reasonably priced. A Laurette O'Neil oxidized pearl choker joins the party.


In pre-recession days I purchased designer clothing. This smashing article is by Nanette Lepore, now renamed Nanette Le Poor. Obviously I still purchase clothing, but glean my bounty for under $30.00
Dig it! Brown tights add some spunk. Brown? Spunk? Drastically unrelated..

What's a daily posting without some plastic? I never disappoint. Hold on to your chapeaux's for this bolt of color. Grow up? I think not. Wheeeeeeee!

Ferocious storm trooper boots. Should you entertain the idea that these are real leather, that's as defunct as money. Yeah baby!

                                                     She looks insane. She is insane.