Friday, January 23

Thermal Thursday............

Procured this dainty tunic from Amazon of all places. Friend imparted it was a good place for clothes. Thought, well, since books are about the 30th thing listed in there anymore, I'd venture into virgin territory. Bingo! A source even cheaper than old venue! I think this thing was about $6.99. However, I've been cutting errant threads off of it all day. Those children working 36 hour shifts in Asia no longer have pride in their jobs.

Double Karan Sipes. Had to make the top one so tight to stack correctly with bottom beauty it's practically strangling me. Exfixiation for fashion. Wheeeeeee!

Denim tights are a riot. Sewn pockets and fly create a trompe l'oeil illusion of jeans! They're like something you'd hoist on a one year old. Dig it! I'll spare you detailed documentation.

                             My macho reptile cowboy shoe boots are in direct polarity to the embellishment above but dichotomy is a large part of my character.

                                     Dichotomy is a genteel way to connote her schizophrenia.

Beseech this cheesy thermal to remain intact the length of the work day. Reminiscent of my home economics class in which I had to sew a skirt and wear to school. The thing fell apart before days end. A plethora of safety pins saved the day. Bye bye sewing career. Dig it!