Wednesday, January 14

Soul Train Tuesday..........

Launching this post with a dedication to one of my all time favorite shows. Soul Train! Much revered for it's great music, dancing, clothes!

Segues into my choice of pants, due to colder climes went with these trousers as they are the warmest
pair I own. Dignified by grooviness in the extreme by the bell bottoms. What to elevate them off of the ground to prevent dragging? Platforms, of course! Dig it!

To mimic the houndstooth, ancient top, over striped top, over undershirt, under butter hued v-neck cable. 

But here's the best part of this ensemble and I didn't even document it. In my usual fireman mode for work preparation, I donned this jacket that I soon realized was severely too tight for the girth of layers I was wearing. Felt like I was wearing twin blood pressure cuffs from shoulder to wrist.
Steering and shifting gears made for quite a challenge and scintillating commute. I thought I was developing peripheral neuropathy by the time I reached Nob Hill and my arms stood out from my body like a penguin.

 It was a hilarious but could have caused a fashion fatality in traffic. Wheeeeeee!