Wednesday, January 14

I Love Grid........

One of my countless O.C.D. obsessions are office supplies. I arduously covet White Out (at bedside), rubber bands, post it notes, miniature dictionaries, (yes, I adore them), pens, highlighters, and paper, in particular, grid paper. It's so orderly and perfect. Had to go for this grid sweater, and the $10.00 price, when discovered. Smitten with the  dark periwinkle and black.

Bouillabaisse of cheesy neckwear from undisclosed cheesy venues. The travesty. Water boarding highly advisable.

Were these jeans any skinnier my flesh would be on the outside. Dig it! Fetching print, quite.

A bit of kitten heel is always uplifting. Pointy patents in navy. Wish I could have gotten a bit of alliteration in play but I don't think in plavy would have worked out.

Today's advise...... go grid, hoard office supplies at bedside, use your White Out sparingly. Don't make mistakes.