Saturday, January 3

The Travesty of Toiling.......

 Hardly had I caught my breath from the fever pitch of Yuletide retail than it's time to steel oneself for "The New Exhibition". This involves a Lazy Susan-esque rotation of exterior windows and interior walls. Oh, and let's throw into the mix a brand spanking new employee that's very capable, but doesn't really know what's going on here. Let's term it unfortunate timing. Suffered my usual tight rope anxiety accomplishing it all and the reception's opening. Photo finish.
 I digress, getting back to ancient ensemble, here one from.......

                                                              DECEMBER 21, 2014

                      Was planning on making quite a production of this ice blue be-jeweled jacket by Tahari
until I couldn't get the hook and eyes to stay closed. At All.....  So then it turned into a lovely, barely exposed blouse. Wheeeeeee!

This navy Off Broadway jewel boasts elaborate piping. Frog enclosures. It's simply staggering.

Marc Jacobs full skirt with button front and stars. It gets weird from here down. No surprise. Just giving you the heads up.

Conjure if you will, those nauseating poly shirts from the 70's that were an amalgamation of about a trillion photos? Dig it! That's what these embarrassing tights mock.

They bellow "Get your funk on, well, actually, let's not".