Monday, January 26

Alcatraz Sunday...........

Gifted this brazen blazon t-shirt from endeared friend Molly. Masterfully gifted painter, she's created a large body of work on "Incarceration", be it prison's or mental facilities. She brought me two Alcatraz, much treasured, t-shirts from San Francisco. Surely she's visited this notorious, formidable, facility. I'm ecstatic about this xmas offering.

Olive green denim jacket with fiercely padded shoulders and faux leather inserts. Dig it!

15 year old brocade skirt from Paleozoic Wear It across the street. Gleaned some real gems from there.
They had my American Express number on file. Wheeeeee!

Shoe boots from embarrassing venue. I'll never tell. In their defense, they're very groovy.

               She loves to cross pollenate prison glorification and dainty brocade. Rock on!