Tuesday, January 20

All About Kristin............

 Naturally I'm partial to Kristin Diener's exemplary jewelry. Only second to Kristin's mother in the scope that I've amassed. A nationally lionized metalsmith instructor and internationally exhibited, I'm honored to have the second largest collection of her work. They are truly art pieces, some taking several years to complete.  My form is the ideal showcase for her work, homogeneous to art on a wall.  This masterpiece entitled "Roadside Beach Dreams" encases a vintage photograph of a woman in the forefront of a rock formation. So begins the ebulliently elaborate framing of the centerpiece. I don't have the vocabulary to catalog it's brilliance.

Expecting this gem to mitigate the raging stupidity of the remaining ensemble is too much to ask. Even of Kristin. Black velveteen dots on black long sweatshirt-esque thingy with abstract kangaroo pocket.
( what the? )

Hold the phone, it get's worse! Swirling orb motif tights. The horror! I reiterate, it'a all about Kristin. Dig it!

                                                    I'll take care of that stupid outfit.