Saturday, January 31

Sky's the Limit on Plastic Fashion!

Couple of years ago a website I purchased from frequently would send me little gifts for my ebullient patronage. Curiously, I received these severely petroleum based trousers in the mail. Quandary, swag bonus or shipping error? I wasn't charged for them and they were the right size. S C O R E ! Perhaps another case of "What were we thinking when we ordered these things? Let's unload them pronto". Contemplated their mysterious where-abouts just yesterday, did I donate them? sell them to Buffalo? Quite the enigma. Low and behold I stumbled on them looking for something else this morning! Wheeeeee!
Don't know if it's a blessing or a curse but I kind of feel we could establish a relationship. I.E.  they will be calibrated to the honorable stature of being viewed yet again in the next 3 years in my persnickety rotation system.

Sublime silk blouse from Off Broadway I've had an age. Odd hue combination ignites my passion for oddness. Who'd of thought? Oddness is as oddness does. Dig it!

Another vintage treasure. Purchased so long ago it might be pre-Off Broadway plundering. Lends a British professor in the 30's energy.

Personally, my professorial skills lean more in this direction.